Erik Thor

I started developing my own system of personality typology a few years ago. I researched neuroscience and genetics and modern psychology. I came to believe that personality types are real, but that they are not based on behaviour, but on flow. We all have unique, hard-wired values, feelings, and interests, that are unique to us. It is unscientific to stereotype people based on their behaviour. It is better to look at who they are at their best. The pursuit of understanding human psychology based on what motivates and interests us is a big and important challenge.

I’ve been working on a variety of scientific personality tests that test your personality type by asking you questions about your values and preferences. My tests don’t ask you about who you are now, but require you to look at what you enjoy and what you find to be the most meaningful.

Personal growth

Personal growth is the core goal of personality psychology. If we know what people need to be happy, how can we help people acquire what they want? 

Human rights

The world is not democratic and many people are repressed across the globe. Forced to be something they are not. Forced down by leaders who think they know better.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and new technology should be harnessed to serve humanity and human interests. Humans should be free to pursue what they love, while robots do all the rest.

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Neojungian typology

I’ve discovered that privacy, freedom, independence, honesty, kindness, influence and ambition are some of the core values that humans cherish and require to feel fulfilled in their own lives. I believe that without pursuing our core values, we can’t find flow. I believe that multiple secondary values such as fitting in, being popular, fear of losing stability, or trying to be perfect stands in the way of finding said core values. So your ultimate mission is finding out how to meet your own needs and to express yourself, and to help others do the same.

In Neojungian Typology, a personality type is who you are when you are in a state of flow and balance. What are your core hobbies, passions, and what do you find most meaningful?

In Neojungian Typology, The Enneagram is used to understand a persons core subtypes and the development within a personality type.

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