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What is neojungian typology?

My goal is to provide information about your mind, how you think, and how you can be the best version of yourself.

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Can I become a Neojungian?

Eventually, I will organise courses where you can start becoming certified in the neojungian system.

Why should I learn about your model?

I base my model on the latest neuroscience research. I aspire to stand on objective footing. There are many different models and opinions out there, but I’m not just guessing, I actually provide references and theories that can be tested and falsified. With other theories you may never find out what’s right or wrong, because it’s all just too vague and generic. I don’t claim to always be right, but because my theories can be tested and questioned, I think my project will become more accurate with every day.

No more stereotypes

I’m not here to write you on your nose or to spread stereotypes about people. I want to provide deeper understanding of how you think and how you work. I believe the stereotypes only lead to unnecessary conflict and tensions. If you have an accurate understanding of yourself and others, you will find it easier to get along with others and to find positive ways of cooperating with others.

A health-centered approach

My approach is based on how you can become more healthy, motivated, and attentive. How can you develop your functions and your skills and what can you do to have more fulfilling relationships? Health is at the center of my theories and I offer ample of ideas on how you can start your own hero’s journey.

I tell you what it looks like when your type is struggling and what you can do to get through issues. I show you how to become more integrated and self-realised.