The Sixteen Intelligences

You don’t need to use the traditional cognitive functions anymore. Neojungian is here to introduce the sixteen intelligences to you. Sixteen thought patterns. Your type has four of these. If you look at your type code, you can find all of them.

For instance, ISTPs have historical intelligence (IS), inventive intelligence (TP), critical intelligence (IT), and resource intelligence (SP). These represent an ISTP’s four core flow patterns – and how ISTPs enter a state of higher consciousness. Instead of memorizing the functions like Ti, Se, Ni and Fe, call yourself an sensing perceiving type (SP), or else a sensing judging type (SJ). Your type code spells your preferences out for you. And it hides more unknown information than Carl Jung was aware of in his day.

We have found out that there are more than eight cognitive functions in the mind. People are just more complex than we previously thought. The function descriptions have also been rewritten so that you don’t need the old hierarchy anymore.

ISTPs and ESTPs should equally relate to having resource intelligence, not one more than the other, because the extroverted parts of sensing have been taken out. The only thing you need to do to know your opposite preferences is to reverse the four letters, so an ISTP becomes an ENFJ. Simple, but accurate.

Your type code is a roadmap to increasing your consciousness and expanding your free will. Instead of letting your unconscious four letters rule your decisions, find ways to assume control with your top four preferences. Become more motivated, happy, and interested as you go.

The sixteen intelligences

Which of the sixteen intelligences do you have?

Are you an INFP? Then read about the philosophers (IN), the reporters (FP), the artists (IF), and the rebels (NP).

Or are you an ESTJ? Then read about the scouts (ES), the architects (TJ), the researchers (ET), and the guardians (SJ).

Or maybe you are an ENFJ? Then check out the detectives (EN), the messengers (FJ), the actors (EF), and the authors (NJ).

Do you see the pattern? Read the descriptions that match the letters in your type in the combination 12, 34, 13, and 24 to understand your own intelligences.

Knowledge of the sixteen intelligences can help you understand the types in higher definition than you were ever able to before. You don’t need jargon or stereotypes to understand the other types. You can simply look at how a person appears to be when they are at their best.

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