Weekly Celebrity Typing: Personality Profiling Quiz #1 Answers


Personality Profiling Quiz #1

Perhaps you took part in the personality quiz posted last week. Well, here are the results!

Ian Whyte

Game Of Thrones Actor Ian Whyte has the self-assuredness and scene presence of an ISTP. His strong tapping of sensing and perceiving and his strong instincts and acting function is supported by a higher than usual use of extraversion and feeling. His extraversion and feeling comes from below introversion and thinking, making it more one-dimensional and condensed, but still gives him a higher warmth than the average ISTP.

Flow Type: ISTP
Subtype: ESFP (Red) 

Taylor Schilling

Orange is the new black-actor Taylor Schilling has the seriousness and composure of a thinking and judging type, but her unusually high use of intuition and judging comes at the expense of her thinking and introversion, making her appear much more extraverted and feeling than the average INTJ. This is similar to in Ian Whyte, notice how both come to adopt a more warm stage persona, despite being different types.

Flow Type: INTJ
Subtype: ENFJ-6 (Red)

Dylan Minnette

13 reasons why – actor Dylan Minnettes strong and quirky expressions not only place him as an enneagram four but also as an INFP tapping strongly on his intuition. Dylan often draws on the innocent archetype in his acting to come across as a slightly naive and oblivious seeker of truth. Someone who doesn’t know, but wants to know.

Flow Type: INFP
Subtype: INTJ (Yellow)

Viola Davis

ENFJ Viola Davis sure gets to play the role of an ENFJ justice fighter in this role, tapping strongly, like many green types, on the social instinct (So) to form and maintain connections to aid her in her career and her ambitions.

Flow type: ENFJ
Subtype: ISFJ Green

Theresa May

Tories politician Theresa May is an ENTJ Enneagram 8, which is currently one of the most common personality types to lead a country. Her primary skill as a green ENTJ is thinking and judging, which allows her to assert her will and to use thinking and judging with skill to advance her beliefs and ambitions. Her strong usage of thinking and judging is somewhat balanced by introversion and sensing, making her appear slightly nervous and close-minded. Theresa Mays husband is an INTP in the blue subtype.

Jeremy Corbyn

Blue Jeremy Corbyn has a strong introversion and thinking at the expense of somewhat suppressing his intuition and judging. He will come off as reasonable and conscious in his self expression, as introversion and thinking gives you a strong logical grasp of how the world should work. His enneagram type is most likely the 1 – Reformer type.

Flow type: INTJ
Subtype: ISTP (1) (Blue)

John McCain

John McCain is a yellow ISTJ with strong introversion and sensing but a weak or somewhat repressed thinking and judging. This makes him come off as open minded and peaceful. He has grown from the normal average development of an ISTJ, from an enneagram nine, to an enneagram two mentor role, making him more comfortable in asserting his ideas and thoughts.

Flow type: ISTJ
Subtype: ISTP

Mads Mikkelsen

Red INFJs are easily confused with INTJs or even ENTJs because they put on a tough and confident exterior. Mads Mikkelsen and lookalike Tom Hiddleston are perfect examples of INFJs that somewhat keep their understanding nature pushed away with one dimensional thinking and an extraverted persona.

Flow Type: INFJ
Subtype: ENTJ (Red)

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