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Neojungian Typology

Neojungian Typology is a branch of modern typology and reinterpretations of Carl Jung’s works to fit with modern research in psychology and neuroscience. It was launched early at neojungiantypology.com by Christian Johansson. Today I use it and the insights we gathered to explore people based on what is healthy and unhealthy, what puts a person in a positive state, and a negative state. That allows Neojungian Typology to explore:

– Subtypes and variations within a type based on health and development-related differences
– Advice and information on how a person can grow and become more motivated.
– Eight new cognitive functions.

Erik ThorErik Thor

I spent more than five years studying Carl Jung’s works, neuroscience, sociology, and human behaviour. I have worked more than a year at building this website and providing people with accurate analysis and self-reflection.

I offer typing consultation services that are very popular as well as coaching. I also produce books and written content and videos on youtube.

Personally, I’m a peace-minded, diverse, broad, and philosophical individual. I enjoy travel and learning and am committed to live a life exploring the secrets of the universe, both big and small. I currently live in Amsterdam, but I originate from Sweden.

How you can help

Join up in discord and leave comments and create content in our forum. Participate in quizzes and master the methodology and spread the works to people in your social circles. Support me on Patreon or buy my products and consultations.