Artificial Intelligence

I see a future where artificial intelligence can free up human potential. Supporting our core values and everything we find important, and helping us address challenges and blocks that keep us from a state of flow. But how?
  1. Alternative currencies
    Program your own alternative currency and set up rules and principles that are balanced and fair for all types. Empower your community by creating ways to support creative expression, ambitions, and plans locally and across the globe.

2. New democracy

Create apps that allow for smarter voting and more efficient management. For example direct voting with your phone on various issues in your community. And use AI to manage all unnecessary bureucracy – let humans focus on the more important issues.

3. Artificial intelligence

Let bots do everything we don’t like to do. Let humans do the rest. Create artificial intelligence that supports free expression, bots that answer our phones and solve our problems when we want to be alone. And give people more freedom to do what they love throughout their days.