Body Language & Personality Types

The art of visual typing has three layers. First, it ties into your ability to notice visual signals and personality expressions in a persons distinct smile, gaze, voice, and hand gestures. Second, it ties into your ability to correctly identify the emotions a person is feeling when engaging in these expressions. Third, it ties into your ability to understand a persons development or persona, separate from their type.    
  1. Personality expressions

An INFJ Personality Type such as Benedict Cumberbatch will often be described as diplomatic, goofy, sensitive, understanding, cocky, self-assured, distanced, amused, contemplative, concentrated, scheming, and clever.

An INFP such as Michael Cera can on the other hand often be described as authentic, healing, understanding, sensitive, serious, open to change their mind, philosophical, amused, curious, flexible, and concentrated. Notice that there are some similarities and some differences between the two types.