Move away from personality profiles to flow profiles.

My name is Erik Thor and since the past year, I've had many happy and satisfied customers of my personality profiles. My personality tests and profiles are more interested in a persons "flow type" than their current personality type. 


Get to know your colleagues

Find out what your colleagues need to be more successful at your work place. How can you work together better and how can they become better at advancing their needs at work? If you know a persons flow type, you know how to get the most out of their productivity.


Get to know your customers

How can you improve the delivery of your product to your customers? What can you do to reach new audiences and to improve your communication to reach more people? How can you become more popular among your current followerbase?


Get to know your business

Learn more about your product and your services and what you deliver and what you offer your customers and coworkers, from a psychological perspective. 

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