The Hero

“I can do it!”

Primary virtue: Success

Primary fear: Failure

Centre: Head

The hero aspires to bravery, valiance, success, and to good deeds. They desire to prove themselves and to accomplish their quests and to defeat those who stand in their way. But they fear failure and tend to create a lot of enemies where they go. The hero can suffer from hubris and from holding themselves in too high regard, believing they must do everything on their own, and seeing themselves as saviors.

This is both a hubris and a demand of self, the hero must always live up to their internal standard of excellence, never be weak, always be strong, always be in charge, always know what to do. To feel at a loss, to feel unsteady, to feel incapable breaks the hero out of their groove. But the hero’s hubris also keeps them from feeling or confronting these feelings. They may refuse to admit to being unable to do something.

They may find themselves forcing themselves to persevere and to act strong for others. The hero pretends that all is well and all things will be resolved while moving forward with a smile, even when their head is full of doubt, and even if insecurities are bubbling up. This can be exhausting at times, like the hero feels forced to hold up and be the pillar of strength that we can all rely on. The hero may put their health at risk in this, taking on the stress and worries of others, feeling like they have to be responsible for others happiness.