The Creator

The Creator (Enneagram 1)

One of the most confident types, working hard to remake the world or to bring reform in some way, but struggling with perfectionism in the process.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:


Enneagram triad:

To reshape the world the way you want it to be

Failure to change the world 

Uncertainty, pessimism, neutrality and confidence

The gut, which relates to what we desire and want.

The Creator (Enneagram 1)

Creators see what things could be and how things could become. Their head is full of ideas and images and expectations of how things can be or how they should be. They pride themselves on acting on and moving towards these ideas and making these ideas happen, but struggle with anxiety when they can’t meet the expectations they have. The creators struggle with becoming easily disappointed and 

General Description

The Creator type has a very high self control as they work towards what they want and desire. And that means, they are driven to explore ambitions, visions and possibilities that other people may occasionally regard or shrug off as impossible. The enneagram one type is ready to take decision and to move towards ideals and to believe in possibilities that may seem far away from now. In this regard, the enneagram one type is a striver, and a person that strives towards high ideals and towards a personal mission or calling.

The enneagram one type is typically highly rational in this pursuit, and will look coldly and rationally at what they need to do to make the idea happen. You’ll find enneagram one types to be the people that say they will do something, and then do it, no matter how outrageous it sounds. In this pursuit however, the ones may be prone to some cognitive dissonance.

They may be oblivious to some inherent flaws or issues with their idea, and they may not reflect on the consequences or the people they may hurt as they work towards this idea. The one is prepared to shake up the world and to step on people’s buttons, if that means they can achieve their visions.

Big 5 Description

Enneagram 1

The Enneagram 1 type is conscientious, but so conscientious that it makes them less open-minded, agreeable, and outgoing. They have a high need to adhere to rules and to maintain control and to adapt or adjust things according to rules, laws, or norms. 

This makes them more inclined to disagree with or to reject information that is outside of these norms. The Enneagram 1s desire to do things in an orderly fashion will also make them come across as more reserved.

Emotional stability

When an Enneagram one feels emotionally unstable or neurotic, they become only increasingly perfectionistic, and more aware of flaws and errors in how they execute and do things. Inclined to try hard to maintain control, but quick to give up and to become passive if they start to doubt themselves. With an increase in emotional stability, ones become more patient with mistakes and more forgiving towards themselves, and instead strike us as pragmatic, orderly, and incredibly skilled.

Health Levels

Survival: As kids, Enneagram ones start out with a strong sense of justice and will notice when they are treated unfairly early. This can include noticing that they get less attention than someone else. Early in life, they can feel as if their parents don’t understand what they want and need.
Tribal: Enneagram ones tend to idealise their parents early in life, looking up to them. But they can also feel disappointed by their parents for not honouring promises and for being hypocritical.
Rebellious: As the Enneagram ones start developing their own identity, they start to really develop their own personal expectations, finding a personal quest or goal. They begin to expect highly of themselves and often feel that they have to prove themselves to people who don’t believe in them. But they can often struggle with lacking a strategy or a plan for how to become successful within their goals, simply throwing themselves forward, or giving up too easily when they don’t get the results they want. 
Civilised: At this level, Enneagram ones start becoming more pragmatic about their ideals, recognising that not all ideals can be met immediately, and that you must work and enforce some kind of strategy to succeed in what you do. Still, at this level, there is a struggle to compete and to show your skills to others, and a tendency to avoid failure or the potential of failure. 
Success: Here, Enneagram ones begin to take on bigger challenges. Up until this point, Enneagram ones may have just been silently honing their skills, but now they are getting ready to take on bigger competition and challenges, even if it means exposing yourself to more pressure. 
The success of others: When able to reach the success and to become truly competitive and masterful in their field. Enneagram ones here start wanting to help other people reach the same potential. Start supporting and training people they see as having potential. Provide environments that can help these people succeed.