Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is one of four forms of capital. People with high cultural capital have a strong standing in society and the ability to determine what is right and wrong in society and how we should treat one another from an ethical perspective. It also covers traditions, dressing styles, and many social cultural issues. It is not to be confused with legal capital or social capital.

The types with the most cultural capital are the INFPs, ENFPs, ISTJs and ESTJs. Introverted Feeling helps drive an inner, grounded sense of aestethics, and extroverted thinking gives the authority to see your style of ethics enforced in society. Extroverted Intuition drives us to feel a sense of connection or relation to the world around us, to the people we live by, and the lifestyle and the choices of the people around us. Lastly introverted sensing gives us a sense of inner, grounded sense of habit and tradition, important for forming roots in our culture. People with high cultural capital are for example the journalists, who are given the right to study and share stories of people around us, connecting us all together.

All the functions tie together socially and these types, regardless of their preference, with time and maturity, tend to become culturally upstanding citizens. People you can count on, people you regard as fair, strong, capable, and of high moral character. They often have a huge impact on shaping the cultural norms and traditions of society, what we think of as okay, and not okay, and they are part of forming a cultural idea of who we are and what our role in society is as individuals. What part do we take in parties, celebrations, and mournings? Who are we? Do we take part in any sports or hobbies? What are our core interests? What do we read? How should we conduct ourselves to be taken seriously? What do we take pride in? When we engage in our culture, we gain cultural capital, and some types have an easier time building cultural capital than others.

The types that have the hardest time building cultural capital are the INFJ, ENFJ, ISTP and ESTPs. They are the least culturally involved and