ENFP – The Actor

The ENFP Champion Archetype

The ENFP Personality Type are idealists that see ways the world could change and become better. (NF) but sometimes this will make them prone to melancholy or disappointment. There can be a habit to ignore what you see, or to dismiss your heart as too idealistic. Sometimes that makes them try very hard to be more rational, other times it makes them keep themselves busy with more easy things. 

Ideally, they’re frontrunners of change and can transform the world. ENFPs are explorers (EP), investigating new subjects and opening up new discussions. They’re promoters (EF) of good ways to live and of new trends. They’re detectives (EN) that investigate new patterns and usually the first person to be in a new place. They’re catalysts of change (NP) that see what could happen next and how life twists and turns. 

ENFPs are ideally reporters (FP) and characters of virtue, honest, modest, true to self. They bring up truth and show people what is really there and they love personal nuances and different perspectives on truth. 

The ENFP Cognitive functions




Extraverted Sensing

Extraverted intuition

Introverted intuition

When you think you have to just enjoy and like what everyone likes and adjust your interests to whatever other people are interested in.

You’re learning new things and exploring new thoughts and theories, you’ve spotted a new pattern and you’re the first person to check it out.

You’re starting to doubt and question what you see and hear – did I understand that correctly? Is that really true? What’s behind it all?

Thinking Perceiving

Feeling Perceiving

Feeling Judging

You force yourself to be smart about what you say and believe and to focus on what will be easier to do to avoid being challenged or alienated for your personal beliefs and viewpoints.

You’re recognising new personal nuances and perspectives and viewpoints. You learn about what people value and think and what you think and value. 

You start feeling like your truth isn’t good enough, you worry your personal opinions or thoughts are too selfish or too self-centred, and feel you have to consider others viewpoints more.

Extraverted Thinking

Extraverted Feeling

Introverted Feeling

You focus on results over qualities assuming it’s more important to do the job than how it is done. You don’t have time to do what feels right because you’ve got so much else on your plate. 

You’re learning more about what you value and find beautiful and good in the world. You promote and speak up for what you value and find important. You feel that you’re doing the right thing. 

You start wondering if you really understand or know something or if maybe you only think you do. What if you’re wrong? How do you know for sure that you’re doing the right thing?

Sensing Perceiving

Intuitive Perceiving  

Intuitive Judging

You fear people will dismiss your ideas as crazy and disrespect you for your new thoughts, so you keep them to yourself and focus on saying and echoing things people respect and agree with.

You bring up new changes and possibilities and you show people how things can be done differently. You bounce off and get new ideas and you let it give you power and stimulation.

You start wondering where your ideas are leading and where you are going in life. What is your end goal with everything and for what reason do you do what you do?