ENFP Personality Type

The ENFP Personality Type

ENFPs are idealistic explorers, freedom-loving and kind. They are highly collaborative and love to share original thoughts with others. The ENFPs always have new patterns and possibilities to discuss with you. They are actors that seek true, full, and meaningful connections with others. They are creative reporters and deep listeners. And they are investigators that make new connections before anyone else. If you tested as the ENFP personality type, you will identify with these six traits:

Idealists: The drive to be original

1. Someone who does something original or who has a need to help others in some way or form while remaining true to themselves and their vision. Often at the expense of financial security and often at the expense of many of the comforts of the world, similarly to INFPs, INFJs, and ENFJs.

Idealists often appear warm but sensitive, sometimes blushed or flustered, with deflecting eyes and fluid gestures and a warm body language.

Explore: The drive to see new things

2. Explorers tend to have an active, mobile temperament, always on the move, often in multiple directions at the same time. They are adaptable and quick to adjust to circumstance. They like to move of new information, new possibilities, and new connections. They like to weigh and test and measure information and to make educated decisions on available information on resources.

The Explorers tend to have an adaptable body language, moving, tilting their head and body in different ways, always slightly off balance, with their head slightly bowed down, bringing them closer to the world around them. Their gaze is active and present and they look with their brows. Their gaze is also unfocused and open. Their jaws lead the smile. Their cheeks tend to be highly expressive and natural.

Rebels: The drive to jump from possibility to possibility

3. A creative type that likes to explore the different options. A wordplayer or poet that uses language in a creative way. The rebel is great at contrasting ideas and weighing options and showing us different ways to understand information. This trait is also strong in INTPs, ENTPs and ENFPs.

Rebels tend to be described as curious and hungry to learn. Their gaze is open- and their eyes tend to dance around  and jump from place to place, as they explore different options and available information. Their palms are bent to form a kind of cup as they grab for ideas around them.

Reporters: The drive to spot the motives driving a person

4. A gifted listener that is good at spotting nuances and the different motives driving a person. In what different ways can a person be understood and what possible meanings can I spot in another person? The reporters are constantly asking us what we mean and they know how to get us to elaborate on something.

The reporters tend to have their jaws pulled slightly back, as if they are inviting you to speak and to share your story, making you feel more comfortable. They can often be described as authentic and natural. At the same time, they indicate that they are gifted listeners. When they gesture, their palms often face towards themselves, and their fingers appear relaxed and fluid in their motions.

Actors: The drive to connect with people and nature

5. An interpersonally gifted person that understands social relationships and social signals and what is appropriate and inappropriate in a situation. The actors move according to some form of social or cultural law, making them gifted actors.

The actors are often seen as highly expressive, and their reactions are strong and easy to read. They actively signal how they feel to others. Actors show more emotion than other types and actively seem emotionally invested in what they say and do.

Detectives: The drive to make new connections

6. An imaginative and playful type that is always drawing lines between events and actions and consequences. Good at recognising how the room will transform over time and what changes are going to come up before anyone else.

The detectives tend to come off as open-minded and enthusiastic, eager to learn, but their eyes are slightly deflected and dark, as they brush quickly over a lot of information in order to instead focus on more subtle patterns in their environment. They can look like they’ve got a glimpse in their eye, like they’ve figured something out nobody else knows, or like something is amiss or that there is an issue or something they’ve missed.

Known ENFPs

Highlighted in people like actor Amy Allen, writer George R R Martin, online performer Amaz, rapper Nicki Minaj, Manga Artist Akira Toriyama of Dragonball, writer Douglas Adams,  and game developer Michael Morhaimer of Blizzard.

The Four ENFP Paths

The Path Of Power

The Path Of Peace

The Path Of Courage

The Path Of Perseverance

Green ENFPs are gifted, ambitious journalists and reporters. They hear and see deeply into other people’s souls. This will give you a lot of power over other people, so use it wisely. You will know both people’s weak spots and their strengths, and you can use it to bring out the best or worst in others.

Yellow ENFPs tend to be fun loving and quirky. They make instant connections and they bring people together. Wherever they go, fun comes along. These ENFPs are  among the most calm and peaceful, always offering new possibilities to those who are lost.

Red ENFPs tend to be champions, fierce and creative. They bring up the new ideas and instigate change in society. They act as true rebels, and are able to put themselves at risk in advancing new ideas.

Blue ENFPs tend to be gifted actors and skilled in interpersonal relationships. They have a strong awareness of right and wrong. They know what they like and what they dislike. They work themselves hard to be well-liked individuals of society.

This description is from my book, The Hero Code: Finding Energy And Power In Your Personality Type. Get the full description here.