Enneagram 1

The Reformer (Enneagram 1)

The reformer is driven to enact a vision or an idea.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:




To bring change, reform

To become a part of the status quo

Open, decisive types (-+-+)

Anger, recklessness, courage, dissonance
Reformer/Caregiver (Activist) & Reformer/Creator (Transformer)

The Reformer (Enneagram 1)

As a reformer, you are highly aware and observant of flaws and issues in the world, as well as failures to act on important information. As a one, you are brave and ready to act on and to channel opportunities and possibilities and to work hard towards your vision.

The Enneagram One type tends to be prone to dissonance however, and will avoid or pretend not to see flaws and mistakes in themselves and their ideas as they work towards realising their ideal. One’s may fight for ideas and new visions, even when these visions appear to be poorly thought out or even when there are clear issues with this idea that still need to be worked out.

The Enneagram One can like an idealist consider possibilities and ideals that most people would dismiss. This is a slightly reckless tendency, and the one is not afraid to push buttons and to cause some conflict and tension as they champion their visions.

General Description

The Enneagram One type is an inspired gut type, and that means, they are driven to explore ambitions, visions, and possibilities that other people may occasionally regard or shrug off as impossible. The enneagram one type is ready to take decision and to move towards ideals and to believe in possibilities that may seem far away from now. In this regard, the enneagram one type is a striver, and a person that strives towards high ideals and towards a personal mission or calling.

The enneagram one type is typically highly rational in this pursuit, and will look coldly and rationally at what they need to do to make the idea happen. You’ll find enneagram one types to be the people that say they will do something, and then do it, no matter how outrageous it sounds. In this pursuit however, the ones may be prone to some cognitive dissonance.

They may be oblivious to some inherent flaws or issues with their idea, and they may not reflect on the consequences or the people they may hurt as they work towards this idea. The one is prepared to shake up the world and to step on people’s buttons, if that means they can achieve their visions.