Enneagram 2

The Caregiver (Enneagram 2)

The Caregiver wants to be a good person and to use their powers for good.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:



To be good people
To commit evil or to do harm

Steady, Conscientious, Decisive types (+-++)

Certainty, Satisfaction, Persistence, Caring

Caregiver/Performer (Helping Hand) or Caregiver/Reformer (Champion)

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The Caregiver (Enneagram 2)

This caring, hearty type carries a sense of certainty and stubbornness resemblant of one of the gut types. They also carry themselves with the satisfaction and pride of someone who feels that they are accomplished, strong, and capable people. This feeling is carried into a drive to want to help others. Because the two feels that they have it well and good, they feel it is their duty to help others reach the same position.

Now, the two can sometimes be blinded by this certain perception. They will often feel overly certain that they are doing the right thing, even when they’re not. They’re stubborn and ready to keep pushing in this direction, even when they’re starting to waver or realise that there are issues with their solutions.

General Description

Common traits: Helpful, kind, good-hearted, humane, gracious, and understanding.

The Enneagram two type has a heart for heroism and for positive, proactive action towards a higher value or calling. The enneagram two is attached to feeling like the hero, the good guy or gal in every story. It is important for them to be in the history books, or at least in their friends minds, as the person of the biggest heart and the most kindness. The Enneagram two type will therefore push themselves hard to be giving, considerate, and compassionate people. In this struggle, the Enneagram 2 will look from their personal perspective.

They will look at what they see or think other people need to be happy, and they will work hard to show a secure code of conduct and a solid sense of right and wrong. The Enneagram 2 type has an independent, personal idea of what is right and wrong. This idea comes from their own opinions and experiences and their own reasoning and intention. The Enneagram Two will assert what they believe is right, even if other people do not see themselves as needing it.

This includes giving and intervening in other peoples lives and trying to help people who do not think they need to be helped. In this, the Enneagram Two type sees themselves as having good intentions. The other person may not realise that they are struggling, or that they need help, but if you can do something to help them, they will be happy in the end. The outcome is what matters to the two, but the two struggles with being overly certain of themselves and thinking they know better than others.