Enneagram 3

The Performer (Enneagram 3)

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The Performer (Enneagram 3)

The Performer seeks to do well and to work hard, aspiring to be the best or the most competent in their field.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:


To do well at a task or challenge

To perform worse than others

Conscientious, Decisive types (—++)

Caring, Obstinate, Persistence, Anxiety

Performer/Caregiver (Family Man) Performer/Individualist (Jester)

The performer is the anxious hard-worker. Driven to prove themselves to their loved ones through hard-work and through gaining a high income or accomplishing some kind of feat, performers are typically driven to place themselves in situations that are far outside their personal comfort zone.

The performers are beyond this ready to change themselves to fit in with their personal ideals. You’ll see the three as an extremely persistent but anxious hard-worker, ready to keep channeling themselves towards their dreams, and the performers will be showing high care and passion for their dream and what they believe in. The performers may sometimes be prone to obstinate behaviour however, as when challenged on their dreams and criticism, they will often resist listening to other people. At times, their high anxiety can also make them prone to overworking themselves.

General Description

Common traits: Success-oriented, liberal, popular, hard-working, industrious, productive, Stage-personality

As an Enneagram three type, your core drive is to work to overcome some flaw in yourself and to become more successful. An enneagram three type sees themselves as struggling to succeed in their career or their dreams and ambitions. They are often channeling themselves towards work and will be working hard to earn the stage and to be worthy of fame and success.

As an Enneagram Three type, you care highly about success and how you reach it, and you will struggle to feel satisfied with what you have and with your current life. This yearning for more is what gives you the power to truly push yourself to the limits, but it can also get you to miss out on the good things in life. Enneagram three types struggle to recognise good things in life and to appreciate success on the way towards their goals.

Beyond this, their goals and ambitions often take them far away from their comfort zone, into situations they will rarely enjoy or find to be positive. They can have a somewhat obstinate tendency in this regard, as they take on challenges and work to make it in fields and environments that bring them a great deal of stress and discomfort.