Enneagram 4

The Individualist (Enneagram 4)


The Individualist (Enneagram 4)

An Enneagram 4 type pursues an authentic and honest life away from the control and manipulation of other people.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:




To remain pure

To become corrupted

Decisive types (—-+)

Dissonance, Persistence, Harsh, Obstinate

Individualist/Everyperson (Jane Doe) Individualist/Performer (Regular Joe)

The individualist types primary aim is control and to be able to make their own decisions. Desiring to be their own masters, they will resist any attempts from other people to control or manipulate them. The core aim here is to remain pure and true to self, and to avoid being corrupted somehow.

The four can appear obstinate here as they will do things purely as an act of rebellion or to show resistance to others advice. They will generally show tough love towards themselves, and will push themselves to be strong and to be tough to survive in the world.

As a four, you will often be highly persistent, as you fight to get your way or to ensure you can remain on your path. You’ll endure in difficult conditions and hang in there and guard yourself when life feels tough. Fours sometimes struggle with cognitive dissonance and with contradicting themselves, saying they want one thing in one moment, and one thing at another time.

General Description

General traits: Individualistic, personal, authentic, trustworthy, pure, real

The Enneagram Four type is an individualist who is first and foremost committed to themselves. As defensive heart types, they will typically work to protect their own hearts and to preserve themselves and to stand up to bullies and manipulation.

The Enneagram Four type is here oriented to spot and intercept deceit and to resist control. In this regard, the four is often regarded as honest and pure. They won’t go along with the group and will stand up when something is wrong. At other times, the four is seen as obstinate and self-contradicting. They will sometimes say they want one thing, and then another, yes, sometimes it appears that what this type wants is always the opposite of what they are told. In this, enneagram four types can sometimes appear as walking paradoxes.

They are one thing, and also the other, and usually the opposite of everyone else. Still, the enneagram four type remains generally true to their heart, defending their interests and intercepting manipulation and deceit in others. As a four, you will generally go with your gut, meaning you’re not going to adjust or compromise yourself or your integrity. You wish to avoid becoming corrupt and this means you will often avoid situations that you fear could have a corrupting influence on yourself.