Enneagram 4

Enneagram 4 - The Rebel

Rebels are strong souls, outsiders, with unique gifts and abilities, and strong identities. 

Short description

The Rebel comes from a desire to do good but feeling like you are the only person who is committed to doing the right thing. Feeling prone to bitterness, uncertainty, and struggling to be confident in your own abilities. Rebels have a lot of power to change society if they can express themselves and can regain trust in themselves and confidence to speak out. 

Core motivation

To have your own identity and to be true to yourself and who you are


To be a copy, a fake, or a fraud


(–+-) Rebels tend to be uncertain, pessimistic, good-natured and indecisive


Guarded, Subjective

General description

A life free from control. A life of personal unique significance and meaning. Knowing your role and who you are. Remaining true to your path and who you are. Getting respect and recognition for who you are and what you do. 4s have a sometimes tough path and life to walk. And they sure have a tendency to make things harder for themselves. 

Often, the 4s individuality and need to be an individual will cause them to withdraw or to walk against the drums of society. Relating to the mainstream, and feeling kinship can be difficult when you feel different or apart from the world. But this sense of significance can also fuel confidence and give you power and strength of conscience. 

Enneagram 4s tend to have pessimistic views of the world, where things are getting worse, not better. They feel bored with the status quo and want new experiences. But it can still take a long time before 4s actually start walking towards what they want, taking move towards their dream. Enneagram 4s struggle with their pessimism, and can ridicule their own passion, calling their own dreams stupid. It is important therefore, as a 4, to develop self respect and a belief in your own path, no matter how ridiculous it can appear at first. 

The Enneagram Four type is an individualist who is first and foremost committed to themselves. 4s guard their hearts heavily from heartbreak and disappointment. They often struggle with love, because their partners may try to control or change them. 4s are resistant to change, unless it comes from within, from personal accord. They can appear close minded, but much of it has to do with being resistant to manipulation and external control. Integrity is a strong value for Enneagram 4 types, and if they can maintain that, they’ve got things looking up for them. The important lesson for 4s is that they can remain true to themselves while also extending the same respect towards others.

That they don’t have to fight the establishment – that it’s better to focus on your own personal quest. That rebellion and conflict is not always the same as authenticity, and that truth is not always harsh or raw or horrifying. That some truth can also be sweet, kind, and positive. With those lessons, 4s are well on their way to becoming self-actualised.


Big 5 Description

Enneagram 4

The Enneagram 4 distinguishes themselves by their remarkably compassionate and empathic nature. They are first and foremost agreeable types.

They have strong individual values and ethics that they will put before making new friends, having new experiences, or becoming more influential. 

The goal is to put these values first, even if it puts you at odds with your community, teachers or a boss or loved one. The goal here is to be respected and to respect yourself. 

Emotional stability

When an enneagram 4 type experiences neuroticism, they begin to feel that their individuality is being attacked. They can worry that they are being manipulated or used, and become more concerned with issues and unethical behaviour in other people. 

They feel increasingly disconnected from others and alienated from their community and peers. As enneagram 4s become more stable however, they find it easier to stand up towards the community when there is something wrong, and easier to be patient when the community does not see things the same way. It here becomes easier to remain true to yourself without needing to be separate or apart from others.

Health levels

Infant: The primary way 4s get through this stage is by walking their own path. If everyone is looking for food at one spot, they’ll go to the other. 
Child: In this stage, 4s start becoming preoccupied with getting respect from others for their individuality. They want to show that, by going their own way, they can find gifts they can share with everyone.
Teenager: Here, the 4s start realising others do not necessarily want or appreciate their contribution, or that others are jealous of them. Start feeling like outsiders, but also begin develop more self-respect
Young adult: The 4 starts to extend their self-respect towards a mutual respect towards others. 4s become very accepting of and honouring of people’s individuality.
Adult: 4s can now start working fully towards gaining recognition for who they are, starting to develop their unique passion and becoming more confident in their own path. 
Accomplished adult: At this point, 4s start becoming aware of mistakes and bad decisions that they may have made out of anger or to protect themselves when younger. Correcting for this, 4s start becoming advocates for individuality, teaching people to be true to themselves and to believe in their own ideas.