Enneagram 4

Enneagram 4 - The Creator

I call the Enneagram 4 the Creator, but they are often called artists and individualists because they go their own way in life.

Short description

The Creator comes from recognizing that you have potential that you want to become manifested in the world around you. The principle fear is that this potential will be rejected by the world. Creators are said to struggle with envy: they may feel rejected by the world for their abilities, and can be envious of the success of other people. 

The Enneagram 4 Creator often feels that others success is undeserved – and recognizes that their own ideas are important. The problem is maintaining your optimism and hope and staying true to your craft and believing in yourself and that your creativity will one day become cherished by the world.


The Creator, The Individualist, The Destroyer

Core motivation

To have your own identity and to be true to yourself and who you are


To be a copy, a fake, or a fraud

General description

We are said to celebrate creativity, but often, we only celebrate the fruits and success of creativity. Most people will shoot down new ideas simply because they are new, and many may be resistant or hesitant to change just because the Creator thinks it is a good idea. While anyone can have an idea, the Creator feels personally connected to their own ideas. Their ideas are their babies, and an extension of themselves. 

In their most average form, the Creator is just an Individualist, someone who has a lot of unique and original thoughts and traits, a unique sense of style, or something that sets them apart from the world, but these traits are often hidden from the world out of a fear of rejection. 

Many Enneagram 4s will therefore learn to keep their ideas to themselves, out of a fear of criticism. They may also come to internalise criticism towards their own ideas, shooting them down as stupid. But most Enneagram 4s feel deep down a love and duty towards their ideas and creativity and want their ideas to become successful. This is also why Enneagram 4s can committ themselves to work hard to make their ideas become a reality. It is important for the 4 that their ideas are original and unique, and 4s can often have issues with the mainstream and what is practical or normal in their society. Because the 4 has no or little regard to what is popular or to what the mainstream opinion likes, it can be hard for them to manifest their ideas. 

Those that are too bound by convention may dismiss their ideas in favor of easier alternatives. The Enneagram 4s ideas can at first appear unappealing or wrong simply because it is not the traditional way. Creators can feel a sense of rejection over this. Unhealthy Creators may become turned off the conventional and may become distracted from their purpose. They may find themselves more preoccupied with opposing old or traditional beliefs, believing their own ideas can never be successful while people cling to the old. The unhealthy, dark side of the Creator is the Destroyer. 

The Destroyer carries envy towards those that are more successful and want to take away or dismantle their work and to cause public outrage against what is. They may attack other Creators for their ideas in the hope that when others have been taken down, their own work can become more successful and appreciated. But when healthy, Creators are more committed to the success of their own work, realizing that many ideas can thrive together, and becoming more collaborative and more open to support other artists and inventors in their creative process.



The Creator

A Creator is focused on bringing out and showing their own unique traits and thoughts and what is original in themselves and sharing it with the world and others. They are realizing themselves and their inner potential and courageously show and broadcast themselves to the world, hoping it will be accepted by others.


The Individualist

The Individualist is focused on themselves and what is unique about them. They are looking to find what sets them apart from the crowd and what is unique about them. The Individualist mainly keeps to themselves and hides most of their thoughts from the outer world, and works hard to make sure they are not sucked up by the mainstream, fearing to become just another peg in the wheel of life.

The Destroyer

The Destroyer is focused on what they dislike about the community and the mainstream, and is more focused on questioning bad ideas and bad practices in their society. There is a fear of becoming “just like everyone else” and frustration with lack of progress on own ideas. The rejection the Enneagram 4 feels from society becomes channeled towards society itself.