Enneagram 7

Excerpt from the book “The Power Of Persona – How We Use Masks And How Masks Use Us”

The Explorer (Enneagram 7)

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The Explorer (Enneagram 7)

The Explorer is a person that wants to see, experience travel, and try out the ideas they have in the real world.

Core motivation:

Primary issue:



To test out ideas and possibilities

To not think about potential consequences

Steady, Open, Decisive type (++-+)

Peace, Brashness, Coldness, Courage

Explorer/Warrior (Companion) Explorer/Ruler (Navigator)

As a seven, you live a life of action and what’s next. You’re always thinking about the next moment or the next opportunity. You’re planning adventures and coming up with projects. You’re courageous and you want to show to yourself that you fear nothing. You’re able to keep your head cool in a difficult situation and to maintain your centre.

You’re sometimes ready to step on a few toes or to break a few eggs if it allows you a chance to get ahead in life. Perhaps you skipped homework or brushed over some details so you could go out and have fun sooner rather than later. As a seven, you’re a non-interventionist with a live-and-let-live attitude. You don’t like to interfere in other’s business and you accept whatever comes – come what may.

General Description

Common traits: Diverse, broad, adventurous, swift, expeditious, fast-paced, optimistic, busy

As an enneagram seven, you are a head type with a thirst for heroism. The enneagram seven is  primarily interested in being brave, facing their fears, and overcoming any obstacle in their way. In this regard, sevens are among the fastest problem solvers, able to step on toes, think rationally, and quickly on their feet. They can work towards a project or an outcome quickly, but as they do, they will often neglect their conscience and their emotional side.

Choosing not to dwell on anxieties, worries, and problems they face, the enneagram seven types will appear constantly preoccupied with “the next thing” – and behind them, they may leave a trail of mistakes and quite a few bad decisions. As they need to be quick on their feet and to always be doing something, they resist obstacles and try not to get stuck anywhere. In this, the seven is typically one of the most proactive of all the personality types, always doing something. Boredom is difficult for this type, and they might have been known to cut class or rush through assignments if they weren’t fun.