Enneagram 7

Enneagram 7s are often known as Explorers. Outgoing, Open, and often very influential, but sometimes suffering from a fear of emptiness or missing out.

Enneagram 7 Qualities

The 7 loves stimulation from learning and from new experiences. They keep an open minded approach to life, exploring how life can surprise. They are often focused on making ideas come to life and bringing possibilities to fruition. But 7s always need something going on, and their outgoing temperament is sometimes restless. This can lead them to make bad decisions or to rush things through, simply to keep the kick of change alive.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:



To always have new experiences

To feel blocked or trapped

Peaceful, courageous, bored, unfulfilled

7w6: The Multitasker. 7w8: The Great Explorer

Enneagram 7 Big 5 Profile

Enneagram 7 Big 5

Enneagram 7s thought patterns encourage them to be outgoing, busy, open-minded, curious, and to take life into their own hands. If you want something, just do it! Sevens love being able to bring ideas to life on their own and enjoy rushing out ahead, even if it takes them away from others. If others try to question them, 7s are inclined to stand up for themselves and to walk their own way. 

They fear being trapped or controlled by others and can easily become rebellious when questioned. Their weak agreeableness comes from fearing that a passion or purpose will make their journey more difficult or will take them away from the thrill of new experiences. If something meaningful or important doesn’t seem to be leading somewhere, or if their passion takes too long to reach, Enneagram 7s give up, sometimes too quickly. 

They can support this by telling themselves “It would probably not work out anyway” but the loss of meaning can still weigh on the 7. Not having a quest or something they stand for can make them feel empty. But often, this emptiness can only make them more inclined to want to have fun. And at times, 7s are at risk of overcompensating for a lack of passion or for loss and heartbreak by filling their life with happy, positive, enthusiastic thoughts.  


Enneagram 7 Neuroticism

Enneagram 7s try to always keep a happy, upbeat, positive expression to life, and identify strongly as happy people. But Enneagram 7s can still be as likely as others to suffer from neuroticism. The neurotic 7 struggles to enjoy experiences in life as they are always occupied on avoiding negative outcomes. 

They want so bad for everything to be great and fun at all times, but their minds are always buzzing and they are constantly worrying that the party will end or that something bad will happen that will spoil the fun. Neuroticism makes 7s prone to overplanning or trying even harder to keep a happy surface, bragging, making loud cheers, and enthusiastic smiles to ensure everyone stays happy and positive no matter what. 

More stable Enneagram 7s become less anxious over the fear of boredom. They can handle boredom and a lack of stimulation better and trust that if things go wrong, there is always a solution or a way to restore the fun. They deal with boredom and restlessness better and become less prone to making mistakes or hasty decisions in times when a situation becomes too stagnant. 


Infant: Sevens start their development by quickly showing a sense of humor and a curiosity to learn. But they also become easily discouraged and switch between tasks easily.
Child: Sevens grow as they begin to engage and have fun with other people, they organise adventures and games and play and try to get others to play with them.
Teenager: Sevens start realising they have separate interests from others and start developing their own interests and curiosities. They become less patient with people who bore them and more independent and free-spirited.
Young adult: Sevens start finding out how to land a fun or exciting job or what they could do to earn money. 
Adult: Sevens start finding ways to make more out of their jobs, finding fun projects or new ideas to explore
Accomplished adults: Sevens here start focusing on showing their discoveries to other people, and encouraging others to start on projects together with them.