Enneagram 8

The Ruler (Enneagram Eight)

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The Ruler (Enneagram 8)

The ruler seeks to be a hero that stands up for right and wrong, brings change, and uses control for the greater good.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:




To be a good ruler

To lose power and standing

Open, decisive, conscientious types (-+++)

Anger, caring, coldness, courage
Ruler/Creator (Almighty) and Ruler/Explorer (Captain)

If you’re a ruler, you are highly open and aware of flaws and issues with the world. You care deeply about putting what is wrong right and you’re ready to take charge and to cause conflict if it means that you can achieve what you want. As a ruler, you tend to be courageous. You’re ready to put your feelings aside and to do what is necessary.

You care deeply for other people and you have a strong system of ethics or things that are of high importance to you. You stay rational while fighting for these beliefs and you stand up for these values and show ferocity in protecting what you care for.

General Description

Enneagram Eight “The Ruler”

Common traits: Influential, charismatic, decisive, will-full, ambitious, resourceful, proud, and strong.

The enneagram type is the champion of their own gut judgement and their sense of right and wrong. Caring and ambitious types, rulers desire control and to bring order to the world, establishing what is right and wrong and correcting core issues in the world. As a ruler type, your primary ambition is to stand up against injustice and evil.

Keeping an open eye, you will typically be strategic, tactical, and able to plan and to force a way forward for your ideas. The ruler is first and foremost about realising their vision and their ideology. This means you will work hard to build and to expand your empire, your business, or your goal, building outwards, growing, and gaining allies, and standing up to competition. The eight keeps an open eye to threats and intercepts negative possibilities and avoids problematic outcomes.

There is a tendency here to see enemies everywhere, and to wonder who is or can be trusted. The eight will also be prone to seeing and intercepting any sign of opposition or criticism in other people, guarding themselves and protecting their face in front of others. Enneagram Eights are often known as challengers in this regard.