Enneagram 9

The Creator (Enneagram 9)

The creator seeks to maintain an open mind and to be creative and perceptive, to see and be aware and open to any idea.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:




To create something original

To be a fake, a copy

Open types (-+—)

Anger, fearfulness, confusion, and dissonance

Creator/Reformer (Artist) & Creator/Ruler (Author)

As a nine, you tend to consider more perspectives and viewpoints than anyone else. You’re always seeing different angles, possibilities, and what is to come, and few can entertain as many ideas as you can. This ability gives you a high creativity and an ability to come up with more ideas than most. Your creativity often brings up anger, as you see things that are difficult, and problems in the world.

Your creativity also brings up fear, as you imagine scary possibilities and possible dangers. So the nine is a person that withdraws from their anger and channels this energy into coming up with ideas and innovations that will keep them safe in this world. You hope to come up with ideas or tools that will keep you safe from harm and that will solve the problems you see in the world. But as a nine, your creativity can bring up a great deal of confusion and dissonance. You will frequently struggle with wondering what to do next, and you may at times be accused of contradicting yourself, as you keep seeing things differently from one moment to the next. Where a nine goes, change is.

General Description

Common traits: Creative, artistic, innovative, original, prolific, broad, vague, esoteric

As an Enneagram Nine, you are a defensive gut type, and as a defensive gut type, your core priority is to remain open at all times. To see every possibility, to be aware of every perspective, and to consider every eventuality. Even when difficult or upsetting or scary, the nine will remain wide eyed and open-minded.

This allows them to see everyone’s perspective, and to consider ideas others would dismiss. Nines are often described as mediators here, as people who see you and who listen to you and hear you out. They are also slightly hippie like, as they will sometimes consider ideas and possibilities that are vague, too open-ended, ambiguous.

This higher awareness tends to leave the nine feeling confused, as every option appears to be possible at the same type. In a sense, the nine is constantly contradicting themselves and changing things around, leaving them unsteady, and their thoughts rarely form to become solid enough to stand on. However, there is huge creative potential in this type.