Enneagram 9

The Mediator (Enneagram 9)

Mediators try to maintain balance and fairness around them, ensuring everyone has what they want.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:




Harmony between conflicting perspectives


–++ (Agreeable, Conscientious)


9w8: Benevolent mediator 9w1: Utopian mediator

Big 5 Profile for Enneagram 9

Enneagram 9

Low to moderate Outgoingness

Low to moderate openness to experience

Moderate to high conscientiousness

Moderate or high Agreeableness

Enneagram 9s grow up with a strong sense of what is fair and what is unfair. Afraid of unfair or unbalanced situations, where some get, and other people do not, Enneagram 9s seek compromise and work hard to ensure everyone has what they want. Enneagram 9s will here try to update themselves on how other people feel and try to assert a sense of fairness, and become upset when people don’t accept these norms and compromises. 

9s learn to compromise their own needs early to maintain this fairness, never taking more than they deserve, and sometimes hide their own needs or reject what they want altogether to ensure everyone else can have a piece of the cake. 

Enneagram 9 Description

Early, Enneagram 9s often mention growing up experiencing conflict and disharmony in the world around them. This made them value harmony and peace greatly. They would often act as mediators when young, keeping up peace in their family and with close ones. These experiences would first and foremost make them very open-minded – always noticing new signs, signals, new information about what is happening around them. They would be the first to react to and notice conflict and disharmony.

9s would typically describe their life and the world around them as “chaotic” and saw themselves as people that had to keep up balance in the chaos. They would see everyone’s viewpoints, consider all perspectives, and account for all the things people did not understand. They would possess understanding and information most people did not know of and could see any viewpoint. 

The minds of the 9s would often race as a result – full of ideas – thoughts – ideas – and 9s would always be learning, studying, and gaining new knowledge. They would however struggle to execute their ideas, and might appear lazy, scattered, or in a rush, as they speed through projects and ideas. They start out more eager to learn than to master. Because their minds are very open, they see and observe a lot in the people around them, and in their environment.

They become the antenna of what everyone is thinking, and they often become highly creative, pursuing outlets through art, music, or writing to express the thoughts and the information they transmit. A struggle here can be translating these ideas and taking the time to finish them, and most thoughts tend to end up as underdeveloped scribbles. At some point, 9s start learning to manage their creative process more. They will think of rules and ways to manage their creativity and find smarter ways to express it in a coherent way.

Their writing and what they make will be more easily understood, where it used to be more confused and scattered. This is when the 9 becomes civilised. When they have started to take control over their intuition, they soon find it more easy to use their creative process to achieve results and success in life. They can start taking their ideas to the commercial world, using it to innovate and to bring change.

At some point, as their ideas become more refined, they also start becoming more responsible and understanding of how to handle their ideas. They start realising that their creativity can have negative consequences, and start thinking of ways to ensure it is used more sustainably. 9s start developing boundaries.

Health Levels:

Infant: In this stage, Enneagram 9s become very quiet and conflict avoidant, preferring to be away from people. They hide away their ideas and thoughts to avoid conflict, and use their openness to think of ways to stay hidden and to stay alive.
Child: Here, 9s become preoccupied with keeping their family and closest relations and environment together. 9s become very keen to keep everyone safe.
Teen: 9s start developing artistic pursuits here, writing, creating, and their minds are racing with thoughts and opinions and conflicting ideas. 9s will jump from opinion to opinion, from perspective to perspective, and tend to become very argumentative.
Young adult: 9s begin to create order in their creative chaos, formulating rules to control their thoughts and their intuition and “governing” and managing how they and other people think. Create spaces to discuss their ideas and thoughts.
Adult: 9s here start to focus on bringing their ideas to fruition, starting projects and formulating goals for how to achieve their ideas.
Accomplished adult: At this rate, 9s start feeling responsible for their ideas and the projects they have, thinking about how they can use it with responsibility.