Enneagram So

Everyperson (Enneagram So)

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The Everyperson (Social Instinct)

The everyperson seeks to defend their place in the community and in society by being upstanding, good, decent, normal people.

Core motivation:

Primary fear:



To live a normal life

To become an outsider

Conscientious type (—+-)
Obstinate, Denial, Shame, Anxiety

Everyperson/Lover (The Good Wife/Husband) Everyperson/Individualist (The Upstanding Citizen)

The Everyperson is your average neighbour or normal guy or gal. As an enneagram So, your primary aim is to be a person of high conscience. You are an anxious type, and you find yourself frequently worrying that you have done something wrong. You’re often ashamed of yourself, thinking you need to work harder to fit in, or worrying that there is something wrong with you, that needs to be covered up or hidden from the world.

Enneagram So types are often prone to denial. This means that they may pretend or feign obliviousness to clear problems and issues in their community. Perhaps there’s a big threat or issue in a group or with a person that you’re not ready to face or admit to? At the same time, you are highly aware of flaws in yourself. The every person also struggles with being sometimes obstinate and unwilling to look at or consider these issues and problems, preferring to live a normal life, hidden away from anything that may bring up stress or worry.

General Description

Common traits: Ordinary, adaptable, compliant, carefree, honourable, moral, honest

You’ll find the Enneagram So types to be the most conscientious of all the enneagram types. The Everyperson types understand what is right and wrong and pride themselves on living by these firm ethical principles. The every persons are maintainers of community, of the system, and of life in itself. They ensure the world remains for tomorrow and that things hold together, by committing themselves to normal lives.

The Everyperson has a strong defensive instinct, and will work hard to protect themselves by ensuring they are normal, and that they fix flaws and issues within themselves and do the right thing, even if it is difficult. The everyperson wants to avoid being excluded from society and community, and fears being branded as a trouble element or being publicly shamed by the community they serve. As an everyperson, there is a need to honour committment, to show up on time, to be a good employee, a good parent, and a reliable coworker.