Enneagram Sp

The Magician - The Self-Preservation Instinct


Patient, powerful, magnificent, altruistic, egocentric, submissive, aware, all-knowing, and with a strong set of responsibility.

The magician or healer is a self-preservation oriented enneagram archetype. The goal of the magician is to hone their instincts and to use their higher perception to understand and intercept the greater harmony (and disharmony) in the world. The primary issue with this type is its egomania and its tendency to overestimate its own responsibility, at its worst assuming that this type alone is responsible for all that is wrong in the world. But this type is at its best calm, patient, rational, open-minded and passionate.

The self-preserving type fears disrupting harmony or doing harm unto the world. They also fear being manipulated to do evil. They feel overly responsible for problems and issues in the world and shoulder blame and guilt for all the disharmony and discord in the world. The reasoning of the magician is similar to a famous quote:

Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway across the world.

Following this reasoning, the magician can sometimes exaggerate their negative influence. They feel overly responsible and guilty and they feel afraid of becoming guilty or becoming corrupt. This often drives them to reject their dominant judging or perceiving.

Egomania: Overestimates personal influence and power while simultaneously fearing one's own power.

Core motivation:
To protect and maintain balance. 

Primary fear: Fears upsetting or bringing imbalance in the world. Fears being used or controlled for evil purposes.
Health: Open, Steady, Conscientious, Submissive type (+++-)
Emotions:  Shame, Peace, Fear, Satisfaction 
Rival: Enneagram 8 (The Ruler)

Wings: Magician/5 (Wizard) or Magician/Lover (Witch)

The Magician aspires towards gaining awareness of and channeling the forces around them in a way that brings harmony and maintains peace in the world. The goal is to reject ambition for the sake of peace, and to gain a sense of trust in one's instincts and higher intuitive awareness, while rejecting one's personal urges and desires.

Overall description

A magician may be concerned by rejecting power and wealth in return for higher understanding and awareness. The magician will also strive to reject their personal instincts and desires, their own sense of what they want, in return for a greater sense of harmony and peace.

There can be shame and fear in this, as the magicians can feel guilty for selfish impulses. Magician types may be afraid of becoming corrupted if they are given power, and therefore reject it out of fear. At other times, magicians may be accused of being passive in times of injustice, ignoring wrongs and issues in the world or waiting too long to act.

Their avoidance to intervene can stem from shame over past mistakes, failures when they asserted their own idea of what was right and ended up causing harm to others as a result. This distrust towards the self and the trust towards some intuitive universal force or a natural flow is both a strength and a blindspot of the type. The magicians do not allow themselves to be a part of the normal world but constantly keep themselves away from it. They maintain balance but do not insert themselves into and let themselves become absorbed by the greater balance. This can keep the type from relationships, normal attachments, and a normal life.

MBTI & The Magician

The Magician and the self-preservation instinct will often when negative inhibit a persons control and personal influence. People may under the influence of this instinct switch from a judging to a perceiving preference or from a perceiving to a judging presence. This is associated with letting other people or an outer force control and guide your actions, instead of taking control in your own hands.

Shame and fear can leave us not to trust our own decisions. This leads to a lack of trust in your own dominant judging or perceiving function. For a judging type, that can be leaving decisions up to chance or to the situation, becoming submissive and adaptive. For a perceiving type, it can mean leaving control up to an institution or an external system or authority, becoming like a submissive judging type.

The Wing

Sp/5: The wizard
Sp/Sx: The witch

Essentially, Sp/5 is more oriented towards gaining the skills and tools to better manage the harmony of the world, where the Sp/Sx is more oriented towards using tricks and quirks to safeguard peace and stability in the world.

Health levels

Level 1 (Healthy): The level one magicians will begin to see their personal influence on the world as a positive one. They are a part of the natural balance of the world, and can overcome guilt and relax their responsibility on themselves, knowing that they are ultimately good people who do their best.
Level 2 (High): Magicians here begin to recognise that their power and their personal interests add something overall positive to the world and that while they may sometimes make mistakes overall their interests are in line with the interests of humanity as a whole. 
Level 3 (Above average): Here, the magicians begin to relax control over themselves and begins to allow themselves to enter into relationships and to have personal desires and interests. But they can still feel guilty and afraid that this will be a mistake.
Level 4 (Awakening): The magicians will here notice that the rules they lived by and the ideals they executed were not as important as they had previously thought. They may relax their guard and notice that, hey, this wasn't as bad as I thought.
Level 5 (Average): The level five magician is highly responsible and careful with their influence. This often keeps them from living a normal life, making them feel alienated from other people.
Level 6 (Descent): A magician may here begin to feel overly negative about a small mistake they did, feeling they let their guard or their rules slip, and that in doing so, they committed a great wrong.
Level 7 (Below average): The magicians here begin to fall towards removing themselves from the world and withdrawing as they fear their very presence will only bring pain to other people.
Level 8 (Very low): Magicians can here begin to lash out against people that they feel have controlled or manipulated them. Full of distrust, they may begin to desintegrate into the Ruler archetype, becoming obsessed with taking control and using it to correct the larger disharmony and chaos they have let run rampant for too long. 
Level 9 (Unhealthy): In this level, the magician begins to see themselves as an agent of evil, someone who can only bring harm and damage into the world. This can bring up self-destructive tendencies in the magician in which they descend towards becoming deeply unhealthy Rulers (8).