Enneagram Sp

The Magician (Enneagram Sp – The Self-Preserving)

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The Magician (Self-preserving)

The magician seeks to preserve and maintain balance in the world.

Core motivation:

Primary issue


To protect and maintain balance

To upset the world natural balance and harmony

Open, Steady, Conscientious type (+++-)

Shame, Peace, Fear, Satisfaction

Magician/Everyperson (Street magician) or Magician/Lover (Romantic)

Jung stated that the magician was a self-preserving type, typically focused on themselves, and a life away from the world. The magician is a noninterventionist, someone who prefers to watch from a distance, and to not intervene with the normal flow of the world. And the Enneagram Sp type will typically only act when they fear that their home or the things they care for are threatened. The magician is self-satisfied and trusts in their own abilities and the powers they possess. 

However, their shame over past mistakes and abuse of their own powers may leave them somewhat inhibited. They fear their own powers and they fear using their powers in the wrong way: and so, they act more like chess players, planning their moves carefully and ensuring they are in full control of their powers at all times. Generally, the magician is quite a spartan: happy with what they have, at peace with their situation, even when living under like low material standards.

General Description

Common traits: Homely, comfortable, modest, moderate, quiet, and simple

The Enneagram Sp has a heroic response to their instincts. True to their conscience, these types have a high sense of right and wrong, an understanding of how the world works, and an awareness of how it should work. As a Magician, you will find yourself as a person overseeing the world and maintaining it’s health and preserving it’s balance.

The Enneagram Sp types are typically distanced types however, and work away from the community, and away from the people around them. The Magicians are generally free from personal ambitions and lack a thirst for adventure. Rather, they wish to use their abilities to preserve and to maintain what is. They are in this, very focused on health and maintenance. They will rise to work when they see people who need to be protected and balance that has been upset. But they will besides this, live a life of peace away from disturbing or upsetting situations.