Erik Thor

My name is Erik Thor. I am a fairly popular youtuber with hundreds of videos and articles on personality psychology. I write e-books and in-depth articles. And I make many infographics and resources on personality types. I’m recognised as a good personality profiler that can accurately help you identify your personality type. I am young and new and a startup. Send me a message if you’re interested in knowing what the future of personality psychology might look like.

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Recommended resources

  • Visit to learn more about neuroscience and personality psychology from a scientific point of view.
  • Check out the work’s of Dario Nardi and the connections between EEG and the cognitive functions.
  • Explore the Enneagram to learn about emotional development and personal growth.
  • Read Carl Jung to learn about how the MBTI and cognitive function theories all started.
  • Check out Howard Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligences to learn about different skills you can develop in the mind.
  • Study the DiSC to learn about the base theory I use to identify subtypes and your personal development.
  • Study Jonathan Niednagel and his theories on how your skill in sports translates to your personality type.
  • Visit with a critical mindset to learn about body language and personality psychology. Note that this group shows many of the hallmarks of a cult and be wary of any toxic manipulations from this group.
  • Also check out Cognitive to learn more about body language and personality types.

I have all the above resources and tools to thank for where I am today and how far I’ve gotten in understanding personality psychology and personality types. I may not agree with the above resources in everything or sometimes even half of what they say – but I still think they’re interesting and worth exploring.

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