The Hero Code

The Hero Code

The Hero Code: Finding Energy And Power In Your Personality Type

The hero code connects Carl Jung and the sixteen personality type theories with theories on health and development in DiSC. In the hero code, you find out how you can get more energy and power and how you can become less stressed and more balanced through learning more about yourself.

The ebook provides a strong argument against stereotypes. It discusses personality psychology without resorting to technical jargon or unnecessarily complex wording. It’s a great introduction to the different personality types. It is a way to explore introversion, extraversion, intuition, sensing, feeling, thinking, judging and perceiving.

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The System

The introverted process is what you use to process and reflect on information you have learnt or observed over time. The extraverted process is what you use to learn and navigate new information. Intuition is what you use to imagine or think of new things. Sensing is what you use to consider what you know or what you can see, hear, touch, or feel.

Feeling is what you use to value and think about what things mean to you, personally. Thinking is what you use to measure and value information objectively and logically. Judging is what you use to advance yourself and your goals, and perceiving is what you use to apply and adjust information in the moment.

Personality Traits

Group the letters together to find out your hero code. INFP, or ESTJ.  ESFP or INTJ. Your letter preferences show how you get and maintain a positive state of flow. When you are connected to your top four letters, you find balance, relief from stress, energy and motivation. When you lose touch with one to four of your letters, you become more unhealthy, stressed, drained, and demotivated.


The DiSC personality system maps out your subtype or what path in life you are currently on. There are four general paths. The red path, that requires courage. The yellow path, that requires calm and balance. The green path, that requires ambition. The blue path, that requires dedication. If you know which path you’re on, you know which letters in your personality type code are your strongest. That helps you identify your key strongest intelligence.


Influential (N/S)



Dominant (J/P)


Conscientious (F/T)


The Sixteen Intelligences

Howard Gardner suggests that if we develop an ability in the mind, it can become an intelligence or a key gift. So what is your strongest intelligence?

The sixteen intelligences