Are you gifted? 

People with an IQ higher than the remaining 99% of the population are described as gifted. Intelligence does not necessarily translate into success, because we also need other skills, such as empathy or practical expertise. 

IQ is measured by mensa, and not by self-assessment tests. (Because intelligent people often underestimate their skills!) Mensa measures your ability to understand patterns and to solve problems using your own inner analytical skills.

We at Neojungian Academy would describe fluid IQ as the ability towards complex problem solving: can you solve a problem without relying on instructions? Can you come up with unique strategies towards problem solving? Can you think outside the box? In neojungian academy, giftedness is unrelated to type.

You can be an intelligent ENFP or ISTJ. An intelligent ENFP may look radically different from a normal intelligent ENFP.

Some core differences between gifted and normal intelligent people are:

  • Faster processing of information

Gifted types can finish a conversation topic or task before everyone else. They learn faster and need to read less to grasp the meaning. They need more varied and more rich information.

Your working memory is your list of tasks to do or things to say during a conversation. You process these tasks quicker and you get past them quickly. This also means you forget about them quickly. This giftedness often makes them come off as more absent minded.

Perfectionistic, critical, push themselves harder than most people. Intelligent live by internal standards – and often expect alot from themselves when young. They also have a strong sense of justice and take violations of justice worse than normal intelligent types.

  • Complex vocabularies

Often use complex words or are better at using fewer words to convey more meaning. They are frequently sarcastic. They may sometimes be difficult to understand, and you might wonder how they got the answers they got, but take a leap of faith, even if you don’t always know the maths, there’s a good chance it will work.

  • Intense

Gifted types can often overwhelm others when they share their interests and thoughts with others. It can be hard to keep up as they move from topic to topic. Gifted types also tend to be more energetic and passionate when sharing information as they love to learn. Gifted types can also be more direct – asking more intimate and pressing questions early on.

  • Struggle to organize information

Gifted types find it hard to organize their cluttered minds. It’s hard for them to filter information, because they take in information faster than they can process it. This benefits creative thinking, as they can use information in original ways. But give them time to organize their thoughts.

  • The bizarre lifestyle

Gifted types stay up late, swear alot, do drugs, and have a lot of sex, at least if you will believe popular culture. Some explanations are given: It’s harder for them to silence their minds and their thoughts at nighttime. Drugs & sex relieve boredom and understimulation.

  • Are humans

They have the same emotions and values as we all do, they need the same things as we all do. They’re humans just like everyone else. Don’t be afraid to befriend and get to know gifted types – most of them are humanists and people-lovers. Most of them work in normal jobs and have normal interests. Everyone benefits from having intelligent friends.