Human Rights

There are numerous challenges facing humanity in the future. Will AI become a global threat to people across the world? Is it already? Or will modern technology only serve to help us all become better and happier? Will global warming doom us all in eternal flames or will we rise to the challenge and use it as an opportunity to build a better and more sustainable society? 

How do we further human rights?

Let’s start simple:

  • Wake up a sheep: Find someone who tries too hard to fit in and teach them everyone is unique.
  • Give a troll a purpose: Challenge trolls and teach them to embrace their passions.
  • Help a talent become a leader: Encourage shy people who are gifted and intelligent to show leadership and to speak out.
  • Show a sage how to make a good impact: Find ways to help smart and knowledgeable people make an impact in their community.
  • Show a pessimist something positive: How can pessimists use their knack for worrying about the worst to spot problems and solutions to problems before anyone else?
  • Make an explorer into an adventurer: Show explorers how they can have fun while making a positive impact in the world.
  • Give a ruler wisdom and insight: Make sure our leaders stay informed about their actions and help them make smarter decisions.
  • Make sure diplomats don’t sweep problems under the rug
  • Help a perfectionist heal and overcome failure
  • Help Caregivers find self-awareness
  • Give popularity seekers a safety blanket
  • Take creators out on an explorational journey.