INFJ – The Wise Ones


INFJs are leaders, idealists, messengers, philosophers, writers, and artists. These INFJ structure and organize moral systems and beliefs. They act with long-term determination towards a goal they have envisioned. And they act with high ideals towards something they see as good or positive for humanity.

They assume the role of messengers or ambassadors of some higher ideal, writing stories and messages that guide people in the right direction. And they theorize and reflect on how the world could be, speculating on the unknown and the future. INFJs have a constant goal to organize ideas into a big picture concept or a one-size fits all theory on everything.

Who are the INFJ?

As an INFJ, your journey is primarily an existential journey. Your goal is to understand existence and your role in this strange world. You seek this understanding by introspection and abstraction. You practice detachment and mental control to make sense of the many complex events that you observe. Because who you are is so based on this detached, abstract understanding, INFJs can be highly original, and sometimes even a bit eccentric – actually, the more intelligent, the more eccentric!

By detaching, you gain an abstract, theoretical, big-picture perspective of the world. You try to see the world from outside your own body, from a higher level, or far into the future. Some may describe you as vague or too theoretical, but this way of living helps you make sense of complex issues such as religion, philosophy, life and death, and what it means to be human.

As feeling types, INFJs have the power to illuminate and shed light on social issues and conflicts in society. They always have some explanation to offer about why people struggle. INFJs often have an unique sense of ethics and new theories on how to live a good and moral life. They can also be avantgarde poets and artists. INFJs desire to have an impact on their community’s beliefs and values and fear that their ideas will go by deaf ears.

An INFJ lives the world with a hidden mission, whether they are aware of  this mission or not. People around you will notice that there’s always some hidden motive or intention to all that you do. As an INFJ, it is important that you are able to communicate this mission to the world. If you find out something important about the world, or if you learn something about what your purpose is, express this purpose to the people you meet. INFJs grow as they step into the role of storytellers and performers.

You have the ability to weave your words and stories together and to guide people through difficult experiences. You grow as you can feel that you serve an important role to humanity, to your family, or to your circle of friends. Ideally, you seek to transcend human experience and to give people new, more meaningful perspectives. Consider using writing, music, poetry, or art to express yourself, as this may help you get your points across more deeply.

Take time in nature and find places of meaning to you. Practice thinking about the deeper meaning of things, what does the world mean to people? How do people experience things differently? And how does the world, as it is right now, affect humanity? What is the future for humanity and other living beings? Is there anything you can do for the world to make things right? INFJs at their best are able to share ideas, messages, about how we all could live more fully. The INFJ love to elaborate on their philosophy and their ethics, and what they wish the world to be. A lot of histories visionaries have been INFJ.

The INFJ In Depth

How does an INFJ differ from an INFJ under stress or anxiety? Read this in-depth article to find out!

INFJ Advanced


Integration & Grounding the INFJstorytelling

INFJs spend a lot of time looking for potential, meaning, absurdity, possibility, beauty, and goodness. But often they are locked inside their own heads, searching for possibility and potential inside the safety of their own mind, often finding nothing. By finding people or experiences that can offer you this potential and that can open up your mind, you can achieve a broader vision and understanding of the world.

The experience of integration is an experience of being free from blocks, but to do so, the INFJs must free themselves of the influence of the five senses and their rational mind. While reason and presence can help them deal with many necessary things in the world, at worst, their rational and present sides can keep them from growth and healthy self-expression.

Find a way to use your grounding function as little as possible. Accept it’s influence as necessary and important in times of work and crisis. Ideally, your grounding functions are meant to alert you to potential issues, but not to keep you from being yourself and pursuing positive growth. But at worst, an INFJ can be tied down by the five senses and their perfectionism, too amped by everything happening around them and the stress of city life. When this goes on for too long, an INFJ may even experience a temporary loss of their identity.

Healthy patterns

Introverted functions help an INFJ to centre and to remove themselves from anxiety. Intuition gives an INFJ energy. Feeling is an intrinsic motivation to the INFJ. Judging is the way the INFJ relieves stress. Because we are aware of this we can identify which patterns will put an INFJ in a state of flow.

Introverted Judging (IJ) – The Leader Pattern

When you are able to work towards something that you personally see as an important long-term goal and when you have the ability to focus and to do what you want without getting interrupted or distracted.

Intuitive Feeling (NF) – The Idealist Pattern

When you are able to be a free dreamer, exploring, growing, connecting, and being creative. When you go your own way, and try out a new path.

Introverted Feeling (IF) – The Artist / Writer Pattern

When you become aware of your own emotions and your own needs and ideals. When you think about who you are and what is uniquely you. And when you reflect on your own beliefs and values.

Feeling Judging (FJ) – The Messenger Pattern

When you are able to communicate and organize your ideals into a bigger story or belief system. When you are able to guide others towards your values.

Introverted Intuition (IN) – The Philosopher Pattern

When you are able to envision the future and to learn and draw insight from it. When you suddenly figure something amazing out.

Intuitive Judging (NJ) – The Monk Pattern

When you are able to control your thoughts and your perspectives and to meditate on them until you experience a “higher awareness.” When you see how ideas fit together into a bigger whole. When everything feels connected.

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