The INFJ Personality Type

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INFJ Personality Type

The INFJ Personality Type

The INFJ personality type tends to generate idealistic leaders, independent and original. They are autonomous and walk to the beat of their own drum. They are driven by a strong ideology. And they are artists that believe there is a true essence or a deeper meaning behind everything. And they are philosophers that tend to see the world in unusual or somewhat strange ways.

Idealists: The drive to be original

1. Someone who does something original or who has a need to help others in some way or form while remaining true to themselves and their vision. Often at the expense of financial security and often at the expense of many of the comforts of the world, similarly to ENFPs, INFPs, and ENFJs.

Idealists often appear warm but sensitive, sometimes blushed or flustered, with deflecting eyes and fluid gestures and a warm body language.

Leaders: The drive to be your own person

2. A distanced leader or an independent frontrunner who walks their own path autonomously and generally without the aid of others, sometimes at the expense of exclusion, isolation, and obsessiveness, similarly to INTJs, ISTJs, ISFJs. 

Leaders tend to appear detached, focused, and distanced. Their body language is generally composed and steady. Their eyes and their smile is focused and narrow, giving them a sometimes intense look.

Monks: The drive to stay true to a sometimes strange path

3. A highly self-directed person, and a speculative person, that has the ability to manage and travel into unknown fields and towards unclear, abstract goals with strategy and deliberation. Sometimes at the expense of neglecting their own body and their physical needs, similarly to ENFJs, ENTJs, and INTJs. It is the strongest intelligence for red, courageous INFJs.

Monks tend to come off as disciplined and self-directed, with a focused but deflecting gaze, a steady posture and with their head often locked in a set position. Their body language and gestures tend to be fluid, and their hands and wrists tend to sway in a linear direction.

Messengers: The drive to represent an ideology or a system of values

4. A morally coherent and strategic communicator or speaker who has the ability to sway and build support for an ideology or a set of values. Often at the expense of failing to pay heed to tactics, and failing to play by the rules of the game. This trait also exists in ISFJs, ESFJs, and ENFJs. It’s the strongest intelligence for proactive, green INFJs.

The messengers tend to appear persuasive, charismatic, and sociable. They tend to often be described as more friendly and less serious than other types. Their upper lips are relaxed and unlocked. Their smile appears deliberate and their voice and eyes have a sense of hypnotic charm to it.

Artists: The drive to search for the true essence of all things

5. An intrapersonally, spiritually, or essence-oriented type that values introspection and looking into people’s deepest, truest, motives, and the true essence of all things. This comes sometimes at the sense of being perceived as sensitive, fragile. It carries a risk of being misunderstood, similarly to the INFP, ISFP, and ISFJ. This is the strongest intelligence for blue, calm, conscientious INFJs.

Artists tend to come off as intense and slightly troubled. Their jaw is slightly dropped, like they are preoccupied with some thought or issue. Their listening is deep.

Philosophers: The drive to find original perspectives

6. An imaginative, theoretical, philosophical type that likes to envision different scenarios and possible futures. The INFJ is constantly reinventing themselves through new perspectives and nuances. Sometimes at expense of losing touch with the world and the here-and-now, similarly to INTPs, INFPs, and INTJs. It is the strongest intelligence in the peaceful, yellow types.

Philosophers are often described as thoughtful, distanced, and musing. They have a natural but relaxed scowl, as if they are looking at the world from a specific perspective or according to an inner map or worldview.

Known INFJ Personality Types

Highlighted in people like actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Youtuber Pewdiepie, talkshow-host Skavlan, Spiritual Mother Theresa, former president Obama. Also shown in actor Benedict Cumberbatch, performer Michael Jackson, entrepreneur and indie director Joseph Gordon-Levitt, philosopher Martha Nussbaum, and atheist Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

The Four INFJ Subtypes

There are four common subtypes for the INFJ personality type:

The red INFJs

Intuition and Judging has given this type a strong curious resolve and a strong sense of proactive vision. This INFJ is quite the visionary: they see and imagine their future and they move with conviction towards it. The visionary drive of these INFJs gives them a sense of bravery, a courage to make decisions, and to take actions that would frighten any SJ.

This INFJ needs strong nerves and trust in their ideas and focus and resolve in making their idea real. A big issue for this INFJ is giving into temptations and easy gratification. To let them be distracted by fun and games.

The blue INFJs

Feeling and introversion gives this type a strong sense of stability and conscientiousness. This INFJ is highly invested in their decisions and their actions. Why do I do what I do? In feeling, this INFJ finds warmth, compassion, and care for the world. This INFJ cares a great deal about the feelings and values they carry.

They are seekers searching for their purpose. They are artists who seek intrapersonal awareness, knowledge of their own feelings, understanding of their identity and calling. Blue types are lead by curiosity and to the blue INFJ, nothing is of more curiosity than understanding humanity, life, and existential matters. Who we are and why we are here.

The green INFJs

Feeling and judging gives this INFJ their voice. This INFJ is lead to call, to speak, to communicate, to talk, to feel, to engage, to have an impact on the world. The green INFJs are concerned with being listened to, to making a difference in other people’s lives. They may struggle with understanding what people want and need to be happy. What can I do or say to make the world better for the people I care about?

The green INFJs feel a strong tug to do something good for the people around them. But they don’t want to just do or say anything – they want to speak the right thing. They want to ensure what they say can make other people’s lives better. So they think about how to say things, how to speak, and how to act to reach others, running through simulations in their heads.

The yellow INFJs

The yellow INFJs are distanced and detached from others, looking at the world from an outsiders perspective. Preferring to watch but not engage, the yellow INFJs desire to understand the world, to see it for what it is, to gain perspective, clarity, and existential awareness. The yellow INFJ is philosophical, a musing person, who looks at the world with squinting eyes. The yellow INFJ is a peaceful, loving person, that believes in kindness, nonviolence, and peace. Yellow INFJs help bring greater understanding of life and death, and help us cope with difficulty and challenge, by giving clarity to make the world and it’s complexity more comprehensible.

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