Masks And Personas

Many celebrities have come to develop strong outer personas on camera and people are frequently misled to type them a certain way based on their strong outer impression. Can you learn to see past people’s masks?

Most of us have one or four subtypes we switch between. I’ve spent the last months exploring masks, subtypes and personas in the book Power Of Persona. I’m now working a lot on also being able to type people based on their enneagram type. These are the biggest clues to a persons subtype that I’ve found:

I type Peter Dinklage as an ENFJ Personality type. I noticed Peter Dinklage had a lower use of his cheek muscles and a higher use of his brows. This made me think Peter Dinklage was an ENFJ-6 (ENtp-subtype)

When typing a person based on their persona, it’s important to look at the persons strongest, most dominant quality. Beyond this, it can be important to look for signs of openness (open eyes) or for signs of determination (a focused gaze) or for signs of conscientiousness (a distinct smile) or finally for signs of steadiness (a calm expression.)