Materialism (ET)


The Director is someone that can see things as resources and can find out how to use and manage material resources. 


The Director


The pragmatism of an EXTX gives them the ability to maintain a cool and objective head in any situation. 


Materialism is a value that gives an EXTX a sense of satisfaction and relief, when able to attain a resource or to use resources to your advantage, you experience satisfaction. 

General Description

Materialism is the core virtue of extraverted and thinking types. When you value influence, you tend to want to translate your environment into objectively meaningful value. ENTJs, ESTJs, ESTPs and ENTPs draw a sense of identity and meaning from what they are able to achieve in objective situations at work, school, or in life. 

But extraverted thinking gives a sense of power and accomplishment where introverted feeling will take away from and undermine it. Introverted feeling can be a pressing doubt for extraverted thinkers: why do I do what I do? Am I a good person? Am I doing the right thing? Extraverted thinkers often fear that they are bad people, or that something is wrong with them, and they may entertain these fears to ground their materialism.