Scientific Methodology

Neojungian Academy follows the scientific psychology model Neojungian Typology. Neojungian Typology always provides accurate sources for it’s claims about personality psychology. All our claims can be tested and questioned. We employ a scientific standard of testing your personality type. We are not a confirmed science but we use peer reviewed science and research in neuroscience as the primary base of our claims. We also discuss popular psychological theories, such as Schwartz Values Survey and Carl Jung and Freud.

At Neojungian Academy we take the liberty to make interpretations and to discuss possible implications of neuroscience research. We formulate our own theories and we make personal interpretations about psychology. We hope to create a higher interest in neuroscience and psychology and to start a positive discussion. There’s still lots to learn about the human brain and the human experience. Neojungian Academy is a positive psychology, we talk about psychology and neuroscience to discuss what it means to have flow, what it means to be happy.