About us

Our vision is to share knowledge about personality psychology and neuroscience to the wider public. We gather research done over at Neojungian Typology and we spread it in a fun and engaging way. And we provide articles, resources, books, and online courses so anyone can learn more.

We are based on Neojungian Typology and over four years of research on the neuroscience and the neurotransmitters that drive our personality. Where other personality profilers out there guess wildly – we have the real facts. Our hope is that these facts will help improve the value of Human Relations and coaching. Finally, people working over at HR and coaching can use methods that have scientific backing.

Our goal is that all of our education resources will eventually be free, because anybody should be able to learn about this, regardless if you are rich or poor. We offer early sneak peeks of the content for all of our funders. If you donate or pay, you will get early access to our content, before anyone else does.


We offer our works under a creative commons license. You’re allowed to use any of our theory, but you’re not allowed to charge money for it unless you have got our explicit permission. We really appreciate if you give us credit and help support our website by sharing and promoting our content to others.

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My name is Erik Thor, I’m the CEO and lead developer of Neojungian Academy. My name is Frida Jansson, I’m the chief communications officer of Neojungian Academy.