Neurotransmitters eight intelligences

Dopamine can in short be described as “the thrill” drug which makes you more enthusiastic. Oxytocin can be described as the attachment drug which makes you feel more positive about others. Serotonin is the pleasure drug which makes you feel more calm. Endorphins are the woop, I did it! drug, which you release when you learn new things or accomplish new feats.


Triggered by new experiences, by originality, by patterns, changes, and new adventures. Being dopamine positive, you are more easily excited and perceive the world more puzzling. You tend to be more curious.

Being dopamine negative, you tend to perceive the world as more predictable. You tend to have theories and insights about what’s going to happen in the world. You tend to be naturally calm even in thrilling situations. But once excited by something, you can work on it for a longer time.

Dopamine helps us deal with fear and uncertainty and having low dopamine when changes occur can cause you to be more fearful and worried.


Triggered by repetition, stability, order, security, and sensory information, serotonin helps us feel a state of calm and pleasure. When we experience order or structure that doesn’t trigger the release of serotonin, we can become angry and frustrated.

Being serotonin positive, you tend to experience a natural sense of calm and order. You are more easily pleased and quickly grow to feel good about a situation. You naturally trust the five senses.

Being serotonin negative, you tend to naturally doubt and be cautious towards the order and structure around you. Is everything where it should be? Are everyone doing what they are supposed to? Do I remember things correctly?