The Citizen

Primary virtue: Obedience

Fears: To break the law

Centre: Gut

The citizen depends on the law and on society as a means to survive and maintain their stability. They seek to feel safe and to have control and fear chaos and a loss of stability. Losing your job, being thrown out, not being able to abide by society and its laws. The citizen takes pride in being able to do what is necessary to survive, to make ends meet, to pay your bills and to be on time. The fear of stability keeps the citizen grounded, ensuring that they remain pragmatic and that they make realistic decisions. But their pragmatism can also be at times what keeps them from truly letting their wings fly, and citizens constantly feel a need to reject their hearts true desires for the sake of what is realistic.

Often, citizens will dismiss their own ideas and values as stupid or childish, focusing on what is necessary to survive and to live a secure life instead. Chores and routines can take over the better of the citizens life, making them experience their life as dry and dull. The feeling that life is dull, that every day is the same, and that you are stuck and that life has lost its meaning can press strongly on the Citizen. They can feel as if every day is the same and as if nothing matters anymore. At the same time, the citizen worries of losing their job, and they feel they must work hard to keep what others seem to enjoy and hold on to effortlessly.