Enneagram Test Statistics (12-12-2017)

It’s possible to get two or more results if you get the same scores for two types on this test. This happened in 20/150 results (which is way too much) suggesting the questions need to become more distinct from one another. The test otherwise performed very well, with a majority of 5s getting the 5 result on the test. The test was first released in a group for 5s and 9s, explaining the increased results there. However, the high results for 7 was unexpected. It’s possible those questions were too easy for people to agree with. The fourth most common result was for Enneagram 4. Advanced statistics can be found here.
I will now:
  • Improve the phrasing of questions by removing unnecessary intensity words (high, a lot, much, hard) 
  • Change from a disagree/agree format to a “MOST OF THE TIME” “Not at all” format. To make it easier for people to disagree with statements they don’t relate to. 
  • Fix the questions that were too general or too easy for people to agree with.
  • Work more on theory & explain results better. 
  • Be happy, because the test was overall a success. 🙂 
Enneagram test statistics
1.I tend to ensure everyone is safe and in good spirits
2.I tend to work a lot on my appearance and distinguishing features
3.I tend to work on my appearance and fitting in with the crowd
4.I tend to always take on as much responsibility as I can
5.I tend to always avoid positions and status
6.I tend to always push myself to my limit to perform well at what I do
7.I tend to be very caring and nurturing towards others
8.I tend to want respect and acknowledgement from others
9.I tend to work hard on being someone people like and admire
10.I tend to work hard to make sure I’m sure about something
11.I tend to work hard to live up to what people need of me
12.I tend to work hard to stay busy and to have something going on
13.I tend to always be working to improve myself in some way
14.I tend to always work hard to make people notice me
15.I tend to always work hard to maintain my identity and what’s unique about me
16.I try to make sure I don’t say or do something weird
17.I tend to work hard to be interesting to other people
18.I tend to always make sure everyone is safe and accounted for
19.I tend to have odd beliefs and perspectives on things
20.I tend to always be loyal to my friends and family
21.I tend to always have something going on
22.I tend to always want influence and power in the group
23.I tend to always need peace and balance around me
24.I tend to always work to make sure I stay ahead of others
25.I tend to be very focused on how to improve and make a situation better
26.I tend to work hard to make people proud of me
27.I tend to work hard to be popular with people
28.I tend to try hard to stay real and true to who I am
29.I tend to try hard to adjust to what other people like and want
30.I tend to always want to be the most interesting person in the room
31.I tend to always want to heal or fix people who are struggling
32.I tend to always study hard and learn before I do something
33.I tend to always follow the rules and what I am committed to
34.I tend to always want something more or something else
35.I tend to always stand up for what I want
36.I tend to always adjust if other people disagree with me
37.I tend to always remain focused on what I believe, regardless of what other people say
38.I tend to go with the flow
39.I tend to always go too far to make other people to like me
40.I tend to do what I believe is right, even if nobody else agrees with me
41.I sometimes try to appear better than I actually am
42.I tend to always look for other’s approval before I do something
43.I tend to try too hard to appear cool
44.I tend to always take responsibility if other people are struggling
45.I tend to want people to be real with me
46.I tend to always want a plan for things
47.I tend to always be studying or thinking about something new
48.I tend to make sure I’ll always be stable and accountable