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What is your identity?

There are about 16 common identities that we tend to pick from based on our upbringing and our personal development. Some of these identities have a mindful, optimistic approach to life, like the Hero. Others try to remain hopeful but neutral, like the objective Explorers. There are also subjective, negative, proactive, controlled, reactive and guarded types.





Personal development

Mindfulness: Optimism/Goodness

Mindfulness is consciousness, it is observation and it is caring about what happens. Seeing what is important and being aware of how it feels. Acting in tune with your beliefs, even if there is a chance that you could be wrong or that you could be disappointed.

Objectivity: Optimism/Neutrality

To be objective is to be aware and attentive of a situation and to consider things impartially while ignoring what is important to you and what you personally think is right. There’s a tendency to second guess your own feelings and to wonder what is really right and wrong here. Can you trust what you feel? Can you trust your thoughts? 

Subjectivity: Pessimism/Goodness

To be subjective is to consider your feelings and your values. To focus on what you think is right, while setting aside or ignoring any information that may conflict with this. There is a tendency to second guess the information you’re receiving. What if things aren’t the way I think? What if I’m wrong? What if I’ve missed something? 

Negativity: Pessimism/Neutrality

To be negative is to ignore your personal feelings and new information. To set aside your values and your curiosity and to try to maintain a realistic outlook on life. A negative person will second guess how they feel about something and double-check the information and try to act in a way that feels more realistic. 

Proactivity: Certainty/Confidence

When you have a proactive mentality, you look to act in a way that gives you control and that takes you forward in life. You do this, even if it at times puts you at odds with external control, or even if there is a chance of making mistakes.

Control: Confidence/Uncertainty

When you have a control mentality, you act in a way that gives you power and influence, while remaining careful with what decisions you make and how you proceed towards what you want.

Reactivity: Indecisiveness/Certainty

A reactive person will act in a way that takes them forward, while adjusting and adapting to the control and influence of others. This means following outer control and supervision and using it to get you forward in life. 

Guarded: Indecisiveness/Uncertainty

A guarded person will act in a careful and withdrawn manner, avoiding situations and actions that will put them at risk and adjusting to external authority and rules and supervision.

The Creator

The creator is the most proactive of all types, oriented by shaping and adjusting the world according to their own judgement or perception.

The Caregiver

The caregiver wants most to give of themselves to other people and to have a positive impact, acting in a calm and proactive manner to further their conscience.

The Performer

The Performer wants to express their good conscience and gain popularity and recognition from the people around them for their skill, ability, or ethics.

The Rebel

A rebel is a person that wants to maintain their good conscience even if it puts them at risk of becoming an outcast or alienated from the community.

The Everyperson

The person wants to express themselves and be appreciated and accepted by the community, avoiding to act in a way that people will think is bad or unethical, adjusting their opinions to the crowd.

The Lover

Wants to maintain and foster deep relationships with others and to have strong and interesting connections with the people around them.

The Healer

The healer wants to maintain a good environment and life by expressing themselves with good conscience and awareness, and nurturing people’s potential.

The Sage

A sage seeks to gain accurate awareness of the world and of how the world works, while avoiding to be stupid, or to speak too early, or to take actions that they might regret.

The Friend

The friend is always trying to take care of and to protect everyone and to keep everyone together. They keep an open eye to all potential issues and plan actions to avoid making mistakes.

The Seeker

A seeker wants to always learn new things and to find something they don’t yet possess, but can struggle with emptiness and not finding anything that matches up to what they are truly looking for.

The Ruler

A ruler seeks to take responsibility for everyone else, caring and nurturing and guiding everyone in line with the rulers conscience and awareness of a situation. 

The Innocent

The innocent wants most of all to live in a way that is pure and ethical and to avoid criticism or upsetting anyone, to live a life above criticism.

The Hero

The hero wants to live in tune with themselves and their believes and to stand up for themselves.

The Rival

The rival wants to protect themselves from disappointment and from failure.

The Muse

The muse wants to push themselves outside their comfort zone to grow. 

The Citizen

The citizen wants to keep in control and to keep moving forward even if it means having to make some difficult choices.