Personality Profiler (Course)

Become a Personality Profiler Course

Are you ready to become the world’s best personality profiler? Well, here’s how you can succeed. Perk? This material is 100% free. I made it because we should all be understanding each others better. With less stereotypes. That’s why I made this course all about countering stereotypes. 

My course helps you recognise the difference between being outgoing and being extraverted. It helps you recognise the difference between being a sensor, and being narrow-minded, and it highlights ethical uses of thinking, and unethical uses of feeling. It shows that Judging types can also suffer from procrastination and laziness, and shows you the difference between a conscientious perceiver compared to a conscientious judging type. 

My information also helps you recognise the body language and energy of a person while you’re observing them, showing you that what a person does is just as important as what they say. So let’s start with the basics.

The Basics