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Break out of the box together with Neojungian Academy. Learn about personality psychology without stereotypes. Start using a model that measures personality psychology as how you grow and who you are at your best. And learn about the neuroscience behind each individual personality letter.

Unlock Neojungian, Hero's Handbook Each Neojungian gets our first book excerpt, the hero’s handbook. The first excerpt contains articles about introversion, extroversion, feeling, thinking, sensing and intuition, and judging and perceiving. It discusses the Neojungian Academy and what it means to be a neojungian, and it talks about the neuroscience behind each letter.
key-96 Unlock our facebook group where you get to chat and interact with us and the other subscribers.
Start as a basic subscriber - you can always upgrade later if you want! Your subscription means a great deal to us. Each Neojungian gets fifty percent on any single product on our website. One time use only. Get 30 minutes of coaching for only 10 USD, or get help finding out your type for only 2.50 USD. Or order an article or video on a topic you love for 2.50 USD.
Become a plusscriber and request an article or video about anything you like! Get access to our online presentations and exclusive videos and articles. For example, our in-depth presentation on the neuroscience, the four letters, and the eight intelligences.