Coaching (30 minutes)


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Book a meeting or a discussion over skype. Get the chance to talk about yourself for as long as you would like. Dive into all kinds of issues, questions, and doubts that you’ve got inside. Talk in a judgement free environment with a specialist in personality psychology and personal growth. What is coaching? Coaching is a chance for you to hear your own words and to understand your own situation from the bigger picture. Get ideas on your next steps and what you can do to learn more and to achieve more in your personal life. 

My name is Erik Thor, and as an INFJ, I love to listen, and to see things from your perspective. Being your eyes and ears and following you through your thoughts and experiences. So, thanks to my studies of the MBTI and psychology, I know a lot about the different personality types and common issues you and people around you might be facing. In this, I can offer you help if you have any doubts about your personality type. And I can help if there is anything you are looking to develop in yourself.

I especially like to talk about relationships and personal experiences. We should all be talking more about ourselves and our personal experiences. Yes, my ideal is to give you some kind of insight or some kind of understanding that can help you connect better with others. Have more fun at work, and get more meaning out of life. Coaching to me centres around listening and understanding. I believe in affirming the positive steps you are currently taking in life, and affirming the good ideas that you have. Helping you find ways to make them happen, again, and again, and again.

When am I available to talk?

After buying a session or two, send me a message and book a time. I am available anytime weekdays between 08.00-17.00 GMT+1. If you are unable to fit within this timeslot, I can also be available at a special time: 19.00-22.00 GMT+1 weekdays. Otherwise, consider Sundays between 08.00-11.00. Let me know, and we will work something out. I’m looking forward to talk to you. Coaching is a great privilege and an opportunity for me.