Coaching & Feedback (30 minutes)


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Interested in coaching? Take some time out of your day to chat with me over skype or google hangouts. I offer you (virtual) energizing coffee and my two humble ears. I can try help you sort out any difficulty you’re facing, from type growth advice, to help figuring out your personality type. Ideally, I can also teach you about the different personality types.

If you want some time for in-depth conversation, I’m happy to help out. Coaching is a great chance to process your experiences and to reflect on your life. Through coaching, I am here to listen as a neutral observer. Ideally, I can offer you a chance to learn more about yourself, your type, and how you can grow. Everything you say will be strictly confidential and will be kept between you and me.

About Erik Thor


My name is Erik Thor. As an INFJ Enneagram Two type, I am very comfortable in the role of listening to and getting to know you. I have a wide expertise when it comes to personality psychology, the enneagram, and neuroscience.

Beyond identifying your type, I can help identify if you fall into any particular subtype pattern. Consider a talk with me a chance to get to know yourself beyond just your regular personality type. I like to go deeper.