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NEW EBOOK: Next Steps Of Neojungian Typology


This new collection of articles explore Neojungian perspectives on introversion and extroversion, as well as the jungian eight functions. Find out what neuroscience says about introverts and extroverts and discover how Jungs works can be understood as separate from the Myers Briggs alternative interpretations.


Product Description

What if you had the chance to revisit Carl Jungs works? What if you wanted to bring back Carl Jungs theories to the modern 21st century? I explore this very possibility in this first chapter on introversion, extroversion, neuroscience, and the eight jungian functions. This first ebook is around 55 pages, and there, I contrast Carl Jungs theories against the popular Myers Briggs alternatives and I show what is new and what is different between the two perspectives.

I offer the next steps for people who want to explore neojungian typology and who want to practice neojungian typology in their daily lives. With this book, you can understand more about yourself and your friends. You can understand yourself in more accurate ways. I show what modern theories on typology missed, and I offer secret information on how you can use the cognitive functions to succeed in your personal life.

And this article is just the first fifty pages. I hope you’ll all enjoy what’s coming next – articles on visual typing, judging and perceiving, stress, and values. When everything is done, I hope to bring everything together in a full book on Neojungian Typology. For now, enjoy this preview!


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