The Hero Code: Finding Energy And Power In Your Personality Type


This new collection of articles explore Neojungian perspectives on introversion and extroversion, as well as the jungian eight functions. Find out what neuroscience says about introverts and extroverts and discover how Jungs works can be understood as separate from the Myers Briggs alternative interpretations.



The Hero Code explorers the human mind from multiple different angles, exploring introversion, extraversion, intuition, sensing, feeling, thinking, judging and perceiving. I argue that personality types should not be seen as limiting stereotypes but archetypes that teach us about how we get energy and power. Your four letter code tells you how you reach and maintain a balanced mental state and your best version of yourself. But it does not limit or restrict you from behaving as any of the many other personality types.

The Hero Code takes it’s basis in Neojungian Typology and explores the subjective field that is human psychology through applying theories and concepts from neuroscience. The Hero Code also studies ability as something separate from personality type, showing you how you can develop all your cognitive functions and improve your abilities within all qualities of life. But the core goal of the book is to teach people to be true to themselves and their own needs and interests. That is what self-realisation is all about.