Personality Profiler Class


Yeah, I thought I’d start a mind reading class. 

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First class starts when 10 people have signed up, so recommend it to your friends to get started quicker!

My classes will start Mondays at 5 every second week (GMT+1) unless otherwise has been noted on the calendar and the base prerequisite is that you have watched my introduction to the eight core personality traits introversion, extraversion, judging, perceiving, intuition, feeling, thinking and sensing, or that you are otherwise familiar with Neojungian Typology and the definition of these terms. But before I can start my first class, I need five of you to subscribe and to let me know you’re up for it. So if you want to be the first to enroll and if you want to start your course as soon as possible, feel free to recommend the course to one of your friends. 

The classes are in three parts, and if you’ve signed up for the course, you can enter in at any time for any of the sessions. There are also assignments included for each course that you can do to test your progress and knowledge.

The classes are done over Google Hangouts and a link is sent to everyone who attends over e-mail. There is also a hidden forum in Discord for attendees where you can discuss the course material and ask questions. 

What you can expect to learn:

  1. Learn the key methods and signs used to assess a persons type: from telling introverts from extraverts, intuitives from sensors, and learn how to tell the different cognitive functions from one another.
  2. Learn how to develop a solid collage or map of personality types and to recognise and strengthen patterns and to rate your own confidence. Learn how to tell the difference between a persons type and development. 
  3. Learn about common biases, blindspots and issues people have when assessing a personality type
    a) Over-diversification (The tendency to assume everyone in a group is very different from one another) 
    b) Idealisation (The tendency to assume certain types are too special or too rare)
    c) Demonisation (The tendency to assume certain types are worse than others, and that people you dislike are certain personality types)
  4. And learn how to overcome them. 🙂