Personality Type Report Photo Mini

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Get a quick personality report and gain unique information into your body language, your facial expressions, and your personality type. Without sending in a video.



Sometimes, we lack the base awareness to judge our own personality and to determine our own true personality type. Personality tests then do a basic job of giving us some information, but it’s often not enough to make a set answer. For all of you looking to find out your personality type, I recommend that you try out my speedtyping or video typing services.

I ask that you send me five pictures of yourself or a friend or family member that is interested in getting typed, and in return, I will supply you with a 1 page personality profile helping you recognise your personality type and the body language hidden behind it. Often, our body language can give an authentic representation of ourselves, how we think, how we feel, and what we value. While words and language can confuse, a smile can say more than a thousand words. 

How it works

Try to make sure your pictures are of a higher quality and from a good angle and light to ensure that it’s easier for me to type you accurately.

Supply me with five pictures of your face from different angles. You can make any kind of expression that you like. I am trained to recognise a big range within a personality type, and I can distinguish between an INFP that is smiling, proud, melancholic, excited, or frowning, as opposed to an ESTJ or ISTP that tries to do the same expression.

Ideally, your photos should be of you from different angles. One from the left, one from the right, one from above, and one slightly from below. This helps me see different sides to you and gives me a chance to determine natural expressions from less natural expressions. For example, introverts tend to be more comfortable in a position where they take photos looking down at, rather than up at a camera.

Things that I look for

  • Warmth in facial expressions and the range of the warmth.
  • Tensions in the face and in a smile or in a gaze
  • Fluidity in the eyes
  • Relaxed muscles in the face
  • Toughness or hardening of the face
  • Emphasis and accentuations on certain muscles, for example the cheeks or the brows

In my report, you will get accurate information on which signals are the strongest in you and what your most likely personality type is based on your profile picture. As a speedtyping service, this will never be as accurate as sending me your video, but it’s a great start to self discovery. The report can show you a good start for learning about body language and personality and can give you some base ideas about your strongest cognitive functions.