The Power Of Persona: How Emotions & Development Can Influence Personality

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The Power Of Persona is a book that shows how your social development impacts your personality type, your health, and your emotional life. It alerts you to how an enneagram fixation can make you prone to overwhelm, anxiety, or recklessness, and how your enneagram can control or inhibit your natural cognitive function expression. It seeks to start a discussion about how we can “open up” our enneagram and get a more dynamic and healthy self-expression.


I have finally finished The Power Of Persona: How We Use Masks And How Masks Use Us. The power of persona investigates how emotions and social development and nurture is connected to personality type, showing the intersections between the Enneagram and the Jungian personality types. The work starts off in the system known as the Enneagram, which explores different common emotional responses and ways of dealing with and processing emotions.

It then connects the Enneagram types to Carl Jung’s twelve common archetypes. Then it shows how the different cognitive functions relate to and are influenced by your enneagram type, showing how we use the enneagram type as a persona or archetype, that we draw powers from, while somewhat repressing or restraining our true nature. As a result of this book, I have begun to develop articles and videos detailing the different personality types under the influence of the different Enneagram types.

Writing this book was a big revelation for me, turning many things I thought I knew about type on end. I was able to spot things that I thought were type related, that were actually more related to nurture and development, and I was able to find things that I thought were a result of nurture, that were actually deeply interwoven into our personality type flow code. The Power Of Persona is a followup on The Hero Code, and elaborates on and expands on known concepts about how type is connected to health, and how you can use type theory to become more motivated, happy, and influential.

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  1. Rated 1 out of 5

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