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If you haven’t noticed yet, I run my own youtube channel. Here, I talk about Neojungian Academy, personality types, the Enneagram, HSP, Neuroscience and Psychology.

I try my best to offer videos on anything my subscribers and followers want. But I receive so many questions, it’s hard to answer all of you. If you want any special articles or videos on any particular subject, I’m happy to help. Perhaps you want to learn to tell the difference between two types? Perhaps you want some specific advice related to your type? There are so many subjects to discuss, but my time is limited. I’ll try my best to put out interesting content on my own, but if you want to support the channel, leave a video or article request.

Perhaps you’re curious about love? Work? Stress management? If you are as curious as I am to learn more about this, send in your suggestion now, and I’ll get right on making a video or article, special for you.