What does your profile picture say of you?

Okay, unless your profile picture is a picture of your cat or of a dank meme, in which case, open up any other random picture of you that you can find. Then continue reading this post.

Done that? Great! 

1. The Professional

If your picture was taken from a completely straight angle, you will appear more proactive, work-oriented, and career-focused. You will appear professional and goal-oriented. Proactive, organised, judging types are the most notable for this posture.


The Explorer (NFJ/STP)

You seem autonomous, self-directed, and open to take risks. You have a personality for exploration and travel. You are friendly but independent. Goal-oriented and visionary and ready for anything that life will throw at you. Pay attention to your warm, relaxed smile and your intuitive explorer gaze. Photo: Joseph Gordon Levitt, INFJ


The Negotiator (SFJ/NTP)

You have a friendly, open-minded personality. You appear flexible and open to collaborate with others. You have a mind for compromise and discussion and enjoy sharing information with other people. Notice your relaxed, friendly smile and your cool, tense gaze. Photo: Tyra Banks: ESFJ


The Director (NTJ/SFP)

You seem decisive and self-directed. Nobody will tell you what to do, and you're going to make your own way in life. You have a strong personality, and you're serious, realistic, and authentic. Directors have a serious smile and cunning eyes. Photo: Kevin Spacey, INTJ


The Builder (STJ/NFP)

You appear stoic and hard-working. You have a serious and authentic expression. You seem trustworthy and open-minded. Able to make the best out of life and secure and easy to be around. Builders have a serious temperament. Picture: Lotta Schelin, ISTJ.

2. The Bow

If your picture was taken from an upwards angle, you will appear more extraverted. Your cheeks and your brows will be the first thing a person will notice in you and you will have a high, stronger energy than usual. Extraverts or people with extraverted developments will often bow their face downwards somewhat, showing more full and direct attention to the world. 


1. The Dreamer (ENF)

Open to new opportunities, you are an awake dreamer, a pursuer of what is possible. A person that sees the magic in life and what can become real if we dare believe in it. Dreamers tend to have warm, affectionate faces and intuitive, dreamy eyes. Photo: Ryan Reynolds, ENFJ

profile picture

2. The Pragmatic (ENT)

The pragmatic has a cool, objective, and analytical expression. They seem objective but opportunistic - curious about the future and hungry to make their dreams happen. Pragmatics look dreamy yet strong, sometimes even intimidatingly so. Photo: Naomi Klein, ENTJ


3. The Good Listener (ESF)

A social type has warmth but also focus and presence. Their gaze is strong and direct. The social type at the same time signals affection and care for the people around them. You make people feel seen and you know how to have a good time. ESFs look affectionate but also concentrated and attentive. Photo: Selena Gomez, ESFP


4. The Realist (EST)

The realist is objective and focused on their physical environment. Living in the moment and taking the situation seriously, the realist has a tense, clean face. Realists tend to look concentrated and tough. Photo: Craig Ferguson, ESTP

If you take photos like seen above, you're going to make an impression based on how you make other people feel. 

3. The Tower

Introverts are the most known for this towering posture, with their face lifted up somewhat, showing some increased distance between themselves and other people. People who do this posture tend to appear slow-changing, inflexible, and intelligent. 


1. The Gentle Giant (INF)

Gentle giants pose strike themselves out as thoughtful and detached. The tree seems to signal strong inner harmony and a natural amusement over life. You appear philosophical, thoughtful, and self-reflective. Gentle giants generally live a life withdrawn from the world but you show great care for the ones you love. Photo: Maggie Smith, INFJ


2. The Peacock (ISF)

You signal reliability and a sense of tradition. You appear to be healthy and relaxed and in tune with life. You show a lot of personality and a nuanced personal style. You're probably fashion-aware and you like to make an impression and to be admired. Photo: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, ISFP


3. The Hawk (INT)

An elf is generally proud and self-reliant. Independent, and detached. Intelligent and analytical, imaginative and theoretical. You generally live away from the world, where you can study it from a distance. You have a high grasp of how things work and how they should work. Photo: Ashley Olsen, INTP


3. The Golem (IST)

You're a tough nut to crack. You strike yourself out as dispassionate, logical, critical and secure. You appear dutiful and reliable, and hard to change. If you've got a clear objective, you're not going to turn around until it's finished. Photo: Gregor Clegane, played by Ian Whyte in Game Of Thrones.

4. The Adaptive Type

A perceiving type will often lean their face somewhat to the left or right, showing a more flexible, weighing, calculated posture. Adaptive types will often appear "on the ball", curious, reflexive, and playful.

2016 U.S. Open - Day 6  Serena Williams of the United States hits balls in to the crowd after her victory against Johanna Larsson of Sweden in the Women's Singles round three match on Arthur Ashe Stadium on day six of the 2016 US Open Tennis Tournament at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 3, 2016 in Flushing, Queens, New York City.  (Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

1. The Amped Adapter (STP/NFJ)

As an amped adapter, you're a restless and fast problem-solver. You are the first to rush to fix an error when something comes up, and your ability to respond to a crisis is at the top of them all. Photo: Serena Williams


2. The Hands-On Counsellor (SFP/NTJ)

You seem very aware of other people and their moods. When you see someone hurting or struggling, you're quick to move to take care of other people. You signal nurturing traits and warmth. Photo: Kim Kardashian, ESFP


3. The Clever Fixer (NTP/SFJ)

This clever, problem-solving pose is associated with inventiveness, analytical prowess, and self-diagnostic skills. You're a quick learner and someone that can always find a way to remain ahead in a hectic environment. Photo: Jim Carrey, ENTP


4. The Curious Journalist (NFP/STJ)

Curious and quick-moving, you're often jumping from place to place, exploring option to option. You're good at seeing the world in new ways and your original thoughts and perspectives and your ability to listen appeals highly to others. Photo: Amaz, professional hearthstone player.

Perhaps you started to look through a bunch of these postures or a bunch of different pictures of yourself. Perhaps you noticed that you look different if seen bowing or towering up your face. Which is your warm side and what is your cold side? When do you appear more intuitive and more sensing? When do you look the most happy?