The Protector

The Protector is hard-working and realistic. Decisive and productive, protectors show strong decisiveness and determination and can hold their own ground when necessary.

Primary goal




To protect the people and the things you care about

To be unable to stop a threat or danger 


Blue Director

The Protector

The blue mindset makes a protector realistic and stubborn. They have strong beliefs and can work hard and long for what they think is right. They are typically critical and realistic, and want evidence and proof that they are doing the right thing. When tested or challenged, they can push forward and hold their own, standing up for themselves and their beliefs.

This diligence and endurance is a very admirable quality. It is also shown in how they protect other people and what they care about. Protectors are directive types, and that means they like to be productive, to keep things moving forward smoothly. When interruptions and problems occur, they will jump to fix and to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible. They 

General Description

If you have ever met a protector you will notice that they are safe, secure, and dependable. They like to stand up for their friends and they always keep an eye out for everyone around them. They make sure people are safe and well and they help people when they are struggling. Protectors are loyal but they want to make sure that their loyalty is mutual. 

They want to know that you trust them and that you have their back. Safety and security is important to a Defender. When you talk to a Defender, let them know that you have taken necessary precautions and that you have considered problems and that you have a solution to them. Defenders are not necessarily critical of new ideas, as long as people know what they are doing and can take threats and issues carefully.