What is purity? 

What is the logic behind beauty? What’s the quality that describes a good song? We believe we have found the clue to this in the storytelling network.

Where logic abides by a known system or rule, purity is much more difficult to explain. Purity is the counterpart to logic – the feeling types primary form of logic. It is often a logic that is just as sound and just as important. Purity is vital to happiness and to live a rich, good life.

Purity can be defined as our aesthetical judgement. It can be defined as the richness of an experience, the consistency of our behavior, the moral standards we live by, and our ideas about who we are and what our identity is. What we believe ourselves to be is crucial – to be pure is to act in accordance with what we believe ourselves to be. What we believe ourselves to be also impacts our habits, our interests, our lifestyle, our choices, and pretty much all aspects of our lives.

Thinking and Feeling

It can be said that while thinkers use logic and conscious decisions to navigate life, feelers rely on stories and more fluid intagible ways of making decisions. Some feelers would say they make decisions “on the gut” and some would say “because that’s who I am”. Giving an explanation beyond that is hard. But purity ties into what we love – what we care for – what we like and dislike.

The storytelling network – also called the default-mode network is the primary network responsible for aesthetical judgements. You use the storytelling network when you think in pictures, when you describe the world, how it looks, how it feels to you personally. You also use the storytelling network to think about your personal life, who you are, what you like, and dislike.

At neojungian academy, we believe purity stems from this network. This means feelers care more about purity. The goal of a feeler is beauty, the goal of a thinker is efficiency. The goal of a storyteller is to be a part of a rich, thrilling, captivating story. Finally, the goal of a logical person is to be a part of a swift, efficient, smart, and well structured project. The motives here are vastly different.