Seekers are ego types, and they’re concerned with themselves and their own journey. They’re asking themselves the simple question: what is it that I am supposed to do? What is my purpose? The seekers have healthy roots. They’re self-secure, trusting, and at peace with themselves and the world. They accept life as it is and do not try to change destiny or temper with fate.

When seekers grow, they grow into mentors, helpful, and adept at teaching other people to follow and trust their own hearts. When seekers are put under stress, they starting feeling like outsiders or as victims of a hard and cruel world. As an Enneagram nine type, the seeker struggles with feeling un-influential, set aside, or ignored by the world. They wish to be discovered, but they struggle to raise their own voice and to express their own needs, as that may spark conflict in the world.

Aspect: Ego
Color: Yellow
Enneagram: Nine “The Mediator”
Growth: Two – The Mentor Stress: Four – The Innocent
Primary fear: To cause conflict

What causes the seeker fixation?

Simply put, the drive to understand the world begins to come at expense of the will to change and have an impact on the world. The repressed desire to make a difference drives the nine enneagram type to emerge, causing the seekers to look more to what other people wish to change and what other people think, than what they think for themselves. The seekers become sidekicks to other people’s will – tools of other people’s ambitions – mediators of other peoples wills.

Finding your own willpower

The goal for a seeker must be to balance the search for self-discovery with what they want and with their ambitions for life. This requires you to not hide from what you want. You do not need to find anything that will help you on your quest to succeed in your ambitions, you already have what you need to succeed in life. So reach out to the part of your nature that can help you achieve your ambitions.

TP/9 “The People Block

The thinking and perceiving nine is suppressing their thinking and perceiving with their feeling and judging function. In doing so, they become more concerned with what is best for the people as a whole and for the community, while neglecting what fits them personally.

FP/9 “The System Block”

The feeling and perceiving nine becomes overly preoccupied with the thinking and judging function, using the system and its rules to suppress their individual ethics and their personal, wild-growing individuality show. These nines play along with the game and follow the rules, becoming its protector at the expense of the self. Perhaps, they believe, that once they have found what it is they are searching for, they will be able to be themselves again, but until then, they’re ready to follow the rules.

TJ/9 “The Individual Block”

The thinking and judging nines may be overly preoccupied with protecting others individuality and who the people around them are and what they believe in. They do not allow themselves to advance their system or their rules if these rules have a chance of hitting against other peoples individuality or personal ethics. The goal of the TJ/9 is to find some secret or some answer as seekers that will allow them to help advance the system without stepping on anybody’s toes or making any enemies.

FJ/9 “The Logic Block”

The feeling and judging type may be prone to a logical block in which they may find themselves trying to barter with and to offer services and favours in the hopes of gaining favours in return. Overly concerned with finding ways to win in other people’s games and using other people’s strategies against them, the feeling and judging types may unwittingly find themselves winning at the wrong game, a game that they get no value out of winning.