Sensing is based on the concrete, the tangible, the known, and what you have done in the past. It’s often described as related to the five senses and to memory. Sometimes people mention that sensors live more in the past or the present. Sensors are described as more traditional and habit-oriented. Sensors are described to be more realistic, more focused on what is, than what could be. What do we know to be true? What can we touch, see or feel? What do we have strong reasons to believe? A sensor tends to value duty, tradition, honor, respect, stability, health, and order.

In neuroscience, there is a lot of research on the attention network and on the habitual network. The attention network is what we use to consider the most important things. What is the strongest smell, the most striking color, the most important task to take on right now? The research gives the idea that a type who uses this network a lot is more present, grounded, and more concrete. They focus on what they can see, touch or feel, and they ignore the things around it. Besides this, there is research on the habitual network. The habitual network is involved with maintaining a strategy that we know to work. If you’ve learnt that something is useful or positive, you will tend to reinforce this strategy. Perhaps because of this network, sensors tend to be more traditional and habit-oriented.

Regardless, we get the idea that sensors are more hands-on, more careful, more watchful, and more stable. They show a lower use of the imagination network. This network is used by intuitives to find more original meanings in information. Sensors are less likely to second-guess or reinterpret information, once they know what it is. This allows them to be a lot more practical.

There are two forms of sensing to consider. The structural intelligence, also called introverted sensing types, and the extroverted sensing types, with natural intelligence. Structural intelligence comes more from within and from the desire to control reality. Someone with high structural intelligence has come to cherish and appreciate certain things a lot. With nostalgia, they cherish, protect, and safeguard the things they have come to love. They enforce traditions and habits and try to maintain a certain order in society. The desire is to preserve and protect the good things in the world for the future. A concern here is sustainability. If I do this, will there be enough left for the future? What are the potential consequences of my actions?

Natural intelligence also has a priority for the five senses and what they find pleasant and concrete. But they are more adaptable and more oriented by their environment, the nature around them. What is calling to them at the moment? Where are they drawn? Types with natural intelligence are very immersive personality types. They live in a hands on way, drinking in information and trying to have an as amazing experience as possible. There is a desire here to always feel alive, awake, to not lose the moment.