The Soldier (+–+)


The fighter is a thinker, a fixer, a critic and a creative. Strong views and a hard-working, industrious mindset. Fierce, they hold strong beliefs that they can stand up for and express to the world.

Core strength




Proactive: You want to take charge of your life

Realism: Focus on avoiding a negative outcome

Thinker, fixer, critic and creative. 

Blue writer

The Fighter

As one of the blue mindsets, the fighter strikes themselves out by their strong thoughts and their ability to judge and think critically about a situation. They notice more than most and they can pick up on issues and problems most people can miss.

Fighters know when they are being questioned or when people are being obstacles, and they are not easily discouraged by this, in fact, they can enjoy the struggle and the exchange. As blue types, they hold strong values and will not easily reconsider their point unless they have been given strong proof. If a fighter has come to believe something strongly, they will fight with all their claws for this, and they show a lot of perseverence in this. 

They don’t give up and they can hold their own. This allows them to get further than many others and to achieve things where other people would quit. The critical personality of the blue type will often make them well read and resourceful within their interests. Fighters know their stuff and can back up their arguments well. As writers, they will probably be highly perceptive and resourceful. They take a long time to act and make sure they know everything they need before they push forward. But once they have gotten started, they dont stop.