The Soldier (+–+)


We are attracted to the soldier identity because it offers us the ability to fight and to protect ourselves and to survive through difficult situations. But the soldier identity can also cause us to feel numb. 




Proactive: You want to take charge of your life

Realism: Focus on avoiding a negative outcome

Certain, Pessimistic, Neutral and Confident

General description

A person that has been brought up in a bad environment can feel a desire to protect themselves and loved ones. The soldier attitude is helpful when trying to guard or protect yourself and the people you care about. Your goal is to avoid danger and harm and to keep people safe from harm. You are able to make difficult choices when necessary for this cause. You’re able to be strong and tough and you will keep yourself calm in a crisis.

This calm and strength comes at the expense of being less mindful: you avoid entertaining a crazy hope or to give in to potential disappointment. You prefer to assume the worst or to prepare to avoid a negative outcome, planning to avoid something that will cause heartbreak. 

The Soldier in flow

When pessimistic, we suppress our intuition or sensing. When neutral, we suppress our dominant feeling or thinking. An intuitive soldier will dismiss their imagination as crazy while keeping things practical to keep a clear head, and a feeling soldier can find themselves using thinking. 

This disrupts our flow somewhat: we become less energetic and less passionate and feel more numb. The more we try to fight or cope through a negative experience, the more difficult it also becomes to feel positive emotions, and at times, you can lose sight about what you really care about and what is important to you. The intuitive type can find themselves giving up on ideas and creative hobbies, and sensors can find themselves shutting down their need for action and for having fun in the moment.

Where thinking types often derive passion from having a skill or having an ability, feeling types derive it from performing acts of kindness or getting to know another person. But in the soldier mode, we may forget about these things, and tell ourselves we don’t have time to engage in these activities. Instead, we engage in activities that we believe will realistically help us survive or become stronger.