StatisticsAfter 581 results, the first statistics are in for my new version of the personality test. How did the test score? The test was released first in the INFP group, and in a group for intuitive personality types. The most common result on the test was INFP (215 of 581 results) which means the test performs as expected for this personality type. Intuitives were also far more common than sensors, but because I also shared the test in smaller groups dominated by ISTJs, and there is a significant bump  in scores for this type as well.

  • The test showed several questions that needed to be improved. 
  • The test showed that questions that measure for introversion and extraversion need to be improved.
  • The test showed that questions that measure for IE/JP needs to be improved. 

A core finding I made is that introversion and extraversion is not something we like or prefer, it is something we find relaxing and calming and destressing. I need to change questions to account for this to give stronger results. That should improve statistics.