Students are one of the four Ego types. Concerned with themselves and in particular, their own performance and their own mind, and a clever wit, but clouded from their heart and from their innermost dreams, these types tend to be free thinkers that sometimes believe that they can solve the problems of the heart through sheer wit and reason. Students are, in growth, champions, fully in trust of their own abilities and wit, and able to impress other people through their high performance.

Students are, under stress, prone to becoming dropouts, outsiders, geeky rejects of society struggling with a sense of inferiority in relation to other people. The primary enneagram struggle of the student is similar to that of the enneagram three. The student is seeking to gain the love and approval of other people through becoming a capable, well-performing, and skilled figure of society. The hope is that, through becoming skilled, and through doing well in school or in career pursuits, other people will come to approve of them.

Aspect: Ego
Color: Blue
Enneagram: Three
Growth: Seven – The Champion Stress: Five – The Dropout
Primary fear: To lose the approval of others

What causes the enneagram fixation?

The enneagram fixation of the student comes from not being in touch with their own heart and what is right and wrong to them. The student does not know what it is that they feel and what they dream of. They struggle to find their own calling and what their own passion is. Instead, they have a tendency to become preoccupied with what other people are passionate about, and what other people like and appreciate. They wish to be dreamed about, they wish to be idealised, and to be held in high regard by others, through becoming skilled and through performing well.

Finding your own purpose

The student needs to find a way to integrate their wit and their head while not becoming lost to their own innermost feelings and whims, even the feelings and whims that they can’t explain or rationalise logically. This often comes from going on an adventure or through letting themselves explore an idea or a whim, no matter how crazy it may seem: if you’re thinking about it, try it out, feel it, and let yourself experience without using your head for once.

Often, this is difficult however, because what you dream of and what you innermost desire, may be at odds with what other people desire of you. Other people may wish or hope that you become something, say a doctor or a lawyer, something to be held in high regard, where you may find yourself dreaming of becoming a poet or an artist. Detaching from what other people expect of you may be difficult, and the goal rather becomes to integrate your heart with your head, and being able to pursue your dreams while at the same time trusting your head and your reason in other regards of life.

SJ/Three “The Rebellion Block”

Sensing and judging types with an enneagram three fixation may find themselves lost in a state of rebellion against their father or family, or even against society. Tirelessly working to becoming admired for going your own way, rather than living up to and following your own expectations and ideas for what you want for yourself.

NJ/Three “The Greed Block”

The Intuitive and Judging types find themselves preoccupied with greed and with following materialistic urges and a thirst or a hunger, while ignoring their visionary calling and an urge to wander and to explore what is hidden at the unexplored parts of the world.

SP/Three “The Obsession Block”

As a sensing and perceiving type, it’s common to find your three blinding you from your materialistic urges and your hunger to experience and see what the world has to offer. Instead, it drives you towards more obsessive behaviour, and a tendency to wander away from what is shown to you, and to instead choose a more difficult path for yourself.

NP/Three “The Discipline Block”

As an intuitive and perceiving type with an enneagram three block, you may be overly eager to discipline yourself and to live in accordance with traditional ideas about success and about being good, rather than to trust your own creative heart and your ability to come up with your own ideas about what you want and who you wish to be.