The Archetype Test

Trauma can completely change your personality type. There are sixteen archetypes. The test will sort you into one of these sixteen subtypes. Below, you can read about the basic eight.


1 The Hero (++++) High inner energy and passion. Low stress and turbulence.
2 The Mentor (–++) High passion and low stress. Low energy and high turbulence.
3 The Sidekick (++–) High energy and low turbulence. High stress and low motivation.
4 The Muse (-++-) High energy and motivation. High stress and turbulence.
5 The Prince/ss (+-+-) Low energy but high motivation. High stress but low turbulence.
6 The Scoundrel (-+-+) High energy but low motivation. Low stress but high turbulence.
7 The Zombie (+–+) Low stress and turbulence. Low motivation and energy.
8 The Villain (—-) High stress and turbulence. Low motivation and energy.

In the hero mode, your four letters are strong (++++ = ENFJ) but in the villain mode, your letters are inhibited (—- = enfj). This can cause your type to appear differently to others.

1.I become easily rattled
2.I become tense easily
3.I tend to have a strong inner motivation
4.I don’t have enough energy to do what I want
5.I get upset easily
6.I struggle with motivating myself to do what I want
7.I find it easy to have fun
8.I feel in control most of the time
9.I rarely worry about things
10.I tend to have a strong willpower
11.I find it easy to relax
12.I tend to appear stressed
13.I tend to feel anxious
14.I tend to respond badly to criticism
15.It’s hard to upset me
16.I tend to be closed to others’ opinions
17.I tend to be easily stimulated
18.I don’t have a lot of hobbies or interests
19.It’s hard for me to know what I want
20.I tend to remain calm when I make mistakes
21.I tend to base my decisions on what others want
22.I am easily bored
23.I tend to struggle to find the energy to do things
24.I tend to struggle with lack of motivation

Erik Thor

I am an INFJ and I want to combat the stereotypes and help promote personality psychology that doesn't limit or mistype you.